Book-a-Month FAQs

How does payment work?

When you complete the enrollment form, you will activate the program for 1¢ on the payment page. Please enter a credit card under Payment Method when checking out. We will charge for the cost of each book plus shipping using this card throughout the time of the enrollment. The month-to-month price varies depending on whether you have selected a paperback or hardcover subscription.

How is the recipient notified of this gift?

If you provide us with an email address, we can send an email to the recipient with a welcome letter. If you would like an email to be sent on a birthday/holiday/anniversary/etc, let us know somewhere on the sign-up form. Please give us a few days notice for specific dates, as we are not always able to process new subscriptions on the day that they are placed.

We can also include a printed letter with the recipient's first book if email is not an option.

What if I don't know what the recipient likes to read?

If you're unsure what the gift recipient's favorite authors or books are, no need to worry! We send a questionnaire to every Book-a-Month subscriber so they can tell us what they enjoy reading and what books they already own. Subscribers are always welcome to reach out to us with feedback or updates on their reading preferences.

If you would like for us to correspond with the recipient before sending out their first book, please make a note on your sign-up form and we'll be happy to do so.

What happens if the recipient already has the book?

To avoid duplicates, we select books from our inventory of new releases. Most of the books we send out have been published within the last year, if not the last few months. In the event that we send a subscriber a book that they've already read, our regular store return and exchange policies apply.

Can you tell me the book selection before it ships out?

In the spirit of the Book-a-Month program, we do not usually notify individual recipients about their selections beforehand.

Will I be billed the same time each month?

We usually process and ship Book-a-Month selections during the first three weeks of the month. The exact date on which we process your book will vary.