Fast Forward: How Women Can Achieve Power and Purpose (Paperback)

Fast Forward: How Women Can Achieve Power and Purpose By Melanne Verveer, Kim K. Azzarelli Cover Image

Fast Forward: How Women Can Achieve Power and Purpose (Paperback)


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A book of practical advice and personal stories of powerful women around the world ​— ​including Hillary Clinton, Geena Davis, and Diane von Furstenberg ​— ​Fast Forward offers contemporary women an inspirational look into how to harness their own power and talent to achieve their life goals.

“Ensuring the full participation of women and girls is the great unfinished business of the twenty-first century. The stories in this book of people making a difference give me hope. We can use our power and purpose to help all women. And once we do, we can fast-forward to a better world for all.” ​— ​from the foreword by Hillary Rodham Clinton

Books such as Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In have helped advance a conversation about women and their careers that has resonated with millions of readers. Here, Melanne Verveer and Kim K. Azzarelli ​— ​whose experience spans corporate America, public service, and global diplomacy, take the next step with Fast Forward. Through interviews with a network of more than seventy trailblazing women, Fast Forward shows women how to accelerate their growing economic power and combine it with purpose to find both success and meaning in their lives.

Companies, countries, and organizations the world over are waking up to the stark reality that women control the lion’s share of purchasing power and are essential to competitiveness. Women are using their influence and redefining what power and success mean in the process. Through clear, practical advice and personal stories of women around the world ​— ​including Hillary Clinton, Geena Davis, Christine Lagarde, and Diane von Furstenberg ​— ​Fast Forward shows every woman how to know her power, find her purpose, and connect with others to achieve her goals in life.

[Fast Forward] outlines a female power action plan: how to find yours and use it while supporting other women . . . The book is full of compelling studies and stats.” ​— ​Elle

“A durable contribution to the continued efforts to effect change for women.” ​— ​Kirkus Reviews
MELANNE VERVEER is a founder of Seneca Women and executive director of Georgetown University's Institute for Women, Peace and Security. In 2009, President Obama appointed her the first-ever United States ambassador-at-large for global women's issues. She is a cofounder of Vital Voices, an international nonprofit that invests in emerging women leaders.

KIM K. AZZARELLI is a founder of Seneca Women and cofounder and chair of Cornell Law School's Avon Global Center for Women and Justice. She is a legal, corporate, and philanthropic adviser and has held senior positions at companies including Newsweek/The Daily Beast, Goldman Sachs, and Avon.

Product Details ISBN: 9780544811850
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Publisher: Harper Business
Publication Date: September 13th, 2016
Pages: 272
Language: English

“A durable contribution to the continued efforts to effect change for women.” Kirkus   “We are all capable of great things, even world-changing things, if we take inspiration from others and join together to get it done. We are witnessing an awakening to the justice of civil rights for women in our time. You can feel it is imminent, and it will change the world when it is accomplished. Here are stories of a few women who have dared to imagine the day, and worked to make it happen. Let them inspire you.” —Meryl Streep   “A life filled with purpose is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves — and to others. Fast Forward shows women how to lead lives of purpose and meaning, so that they, and our world, can thrive.” —Arianna Huffington   “As I have travelled the world, I’ve seen incredible strength and resilience of women everywhere, working at every level. If there was ever a doubt that our moment is now, this book dispels it. Fast Forward shows every woman how she can empower herself and her community, and why all of us will be better for it. Women are the growing force for progress in the 21st century.” —Madeleine Albright “What is life without a sense of purpose? Any woman who’s asked herself this question must read Fast Forward, filled with inspiring stories of women who’ve achieved power in their own lives and used it to make a difference for others, especially other women and girls.” —Maria Shriver   “The stories in this inspirational book serve as a powerful reminder that, with the right support, women can become an unstoppable force in their communities and economies. It is a rousing call to action for anyone who cares about creating a more equal world. Unleashing the full potential of women is not an option – it is an imperative.” —Cherie Blair, founder, Cherie Blair for Women   “I love this book. It tells the stories of ingenious women who took the circumstances around them and created successful companies and purpose in their lives, while at the same time recognizing their own power to lift other women up, supporting both economic growth and social progress all over the world. It’s an inspiring wake-up call to action, and once you’re fired up, longing to find your own power and potential, it gives you a tool kit of information as to how you can begin. Brilliant.” —Sally Field   “Fast Forward gives all of us hope through the inspiring examples of pioneering women in global leadership, public service, and the corporate world — a path forged by Melanne Verveer since she helped Hillary Clinton transform the concept of women's rights in Beijing in 1995. Verveer and co-author Kim Azzarelli share their practical experience with new insights into how we can all lean even further forward. A must read for women — and men — who believe strong, educated women and girls are the key to advancing societies.” —Andrea Mitchell, NBC News   —