The Other Side II (Paperback)

The Other Side II By Justin Jay Gladstone, Nitsuj Yaj Enotsdalg Cover Image

The Other Side II (Paperback)


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The Other Side series vows to lead to a dark dystopian future.

In The Other Side I, society accused Leon Granttley of assaulting his childhood friend. He blamed the incident on the voice in his mind.

The result was being sent to the Earthshine Facility where he was forced to accept his DID and told that he needed to change and blend with the normal people in society.

Not long after, he was kidnapped from his home on Planet Earth and learned that the voice in his mind was none other than his reflection, N ol Yelltnarg. While stuck on Planet Heart, the two (others) were recruited by The Neo Knights, a large group of Earthling's who were also snatched from their homes and forced to live out their reflection's miserable lives.

This all makes The Other Side II a story filled with action and adventure.

One early morning after Leon's rescue, a mysterious phone call alerts the Neo Knights to a possible ambush from their enemies, The Lunae Lux. Many panic and attempt to leave Planet Heart, but the Lunae Lux are ruthless and leave a clear warning: Stay where you belong. Stuck and afraid, tensions swell within this rebellious organization.

There are thousands of members within the Neo Knights who have have not seen their family for decades. Parents have been separated from children. Husbands and wives have been away from one another for thirty plus years. Careers, schools, and relationships of all kinds were put to a halt. Members who miss their families want to return to their home planet. Others suggest staying and taking down Festano - the leader of the Lunae Lux and the one responsible for switching people between planets.

To this nefarious army, it doesn't matter whether the Neo Knights remain as hostages on Planet Heart or return to Earth as fugitives.

All that matters is that they crush their spirits.



This isn't just a sci-fi story with fantasy elements. This is a story for those who have experienced trauma. May it be sexual abuse, narcotic abuse, childhood abuse, really every kind. If you've experienced anything that has troubled you in life, this is the story for you. In my 15 years of writing, this series served as an amazing escape. And I know it can do the same for you. The many characters in this ongoing series feel alive because of their traumas. It's what makes them who they are.

If you're struggling with trauma, you can see what they do to make light of theirs and how they build a community for one another to feel loved. Appreciated. The list goes on.

Escaping trauma through a book series like this might be just the remedy you need.

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Product Details ISBN: 9780578914671
ISBN-10: 0578914670
Publisher: Justin Gladstone
Publication Date: June 11th, 2021
Pages: 620
Language: English
Series: Other Side