The ADHD Focus Friend: A Planning + Productivity Workbook (Paperback)

The ADHD Focus Friend: A Planning + Productivity Workbook By Grace Koelma Cover Image

The ADHD Focus Friend: A Planning + Productivity Workbook (Paperback)


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An informative and beautiful productivity workbook designed for the neurodivergent brain, backed by science and filled with tools for shame-free organization

Life with ADHD can be a wild ride. With a million creative thoughts pinging around, organizing the chaos can feel impossible, leading to the frustration of a long list of half-finished projects and nothing to show for it. Traditional planners leave ADHDers feeling even worse about themselves—with rigid, monotonous systems that are hard to keep up with.

But what if the daydreaming, hyperfocus, and inconsistency just require a different approach? Enter The ADHD Focus Friend—a new kind of productivity workbook designed to help you embrace your unconventional mind, sort through the mental clutter, and find a path to clarity. Filled with evidence-based insights and advice, as well as pages from the phenomenally popular Future ADHD digital planner, this highly anticipated book will show you that being aligned with who you are and what you need on a physiological level trumps any productivity hack out there.

No matter what your story is, The ADHD Focus Friend offers you a safe place where your brain makes sense—a way to reframe your struggles, un-shame your past, and learn to work with your neurodivergent brain. 

Features include:
  • Digestible science-based explainers on hyperfocus, rejection sensitivity, procrastination, motivation, and more
  • Daily, undated planner pages with a gentle approach backed by psychologists
  • Self-care activities to help you reflect and reset
  • A template toolbox featuring the most popular pages from the Future ADHD planner
  • Fun stickers for extra novelty and dopamine

Bright, beautiful, and strengths-focused, The ADHD Focus Friend is the self-paced life organizer you’ve been looking for—designed to destigmatize ADHD, help you use inconsistency to your advantage, and be kind to yourself.
Grace Koelma is a writer, education specialist, entrepreneur, graphic designer, and certified breathwork and meditation teacher. She’s the host of the Future ADHD podcast and creator of the groundbreaking Future ADHD planner digital downloads. Diagnosed with ADHD in her early 30s, Grace is now a passionate advocate for ADHDers around the world.
Product Details ISBN: 9780593718681
ISBN-10: 0593718682
Publisher: TarcherPerigee
Publication Date: January 7th, 2025
Pages: 240
Language: English