99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing: Actionable information to improve your spearfishing (Paperback)

99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing: Actionable information to improve your spearfishing By Levi Brown, Skye Bailey Howard (Illustrator), Jessie Cripps (Contribution by) Cover Image

99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing: Actionable information to improve your spearfishing (Paperback)

By Levi Brown, Skye Bailey Howard (Illustrator), Jessie Cripps (Contribution by)


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99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing is the ultimate spearfishing bookSourced from 3 years interviewing the worlds best spearos. This guide has one goal, to make you a better a spearoFully Illustrated with love by some of the worlds best spearfishing photographers as well as submission from the Noob Spearo community

99 Tips is jammed packed with tips, tricks and advice from spearfishing legends like Chris Coates (South Africa), Jim Russell (California), Darren Shields (New Zealand) and many more. This book will teach you something and improve your spearfishing.

To bring it all together we recruited the talented Skye Bailey. The Graphic designer behind Spearing Magazine and it looks amazing to say the least. This book was 300% funded on Kickstarter and our earliest unillustrated ebook edition of 99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing still rates as one of the most popular spearfishing books on Amazon.

Reader Reviews"(99 Tips is) a really good collection of tips for spearfishing. The book is well written and the authors have a good sense of humour that makes it an easy read. I am new to spearfishing and this book has a lot of information that will help me improve. I have also been working my way through the noobspearo podcast that the authors run, and although it is not necessary to understand the book, I would recommend readers also listen to the podcasts; mainly because they are good both in an informative and entertaining manner. On the podcasts they interview renowned spearfishers and a lot of the tips are direct from their mouths. A lot of the tips are covered in the podcasts but the reason I like this book is it is a concise collection of the best tips from over 40hours of interviews and triggers my memory of the more in depth discussion on the podcast. Also having the points itemised helps me to pick one or two points I want to work on when I go for a dive rather then trying to work on 10 things at once. Strongly recommend for all spearfishing enthusiasts particularly for those that are newer to the sport." - NJ McKeon " I was featured in a book, therefore I might be biased, but here is my opinion. The book is a very fine guide to broaden your spearfishing perspective. If you did your research then you know that there is an abundance of other pieces on spearfishing which go into nonsense like 'this is a gun. The gun has a shaft. The shaft flies towards the fish. The fish tries to get away. But here we have something very different. I think the goal of '99 Tips to Get Better At Spearfishing' is to bring to your attention the 'down to earth' knowledge and ideas about spearfishing. Meaningful stuff, something that always affected your dives but you hadn't been paying attention to it up until now. Furthermore, the book defines an interesting 'aura' for your further readings/research. Although the book is aimed at features a wide perspective on spearfishing, it has an inclination towards the ocean hunting. Which, in some cases, might not directly attribute to your (fresh water spearfishing routine) but will give you an insight on what to do in your 'ocean days'. Overall a very interesting read, which could greatly improve your underwater performance." - Anvar Mufazalov " After getting into the Noob Spearo Podcast I bought the 99 Actionable Tips book and have been down here in the sea of Cortez doing some hunting. My bottom times have been way up and I shot my first Pargo Thanks for the awesome tips and support from down under " - Pete Denton Join the free Noob Spearo spearfishing community at noobspearo.comFind Spearfishing 'How To' articles, blogs and podcastsConnect with us on Social. Instagram Facebook YouTube @noobspearoThank for your interest in our book We would love it if you leave an honest review after purchasing: )
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Publisher: Noob Spearo
Publication Date: August 18th, 2018
Pages: 96
Language: English