The Ripples What Lies Beyond (Hardcover)

The Ripples What Lies Beyond By Danielle Aitken Cover Image

The Ripples What Lies Beyond (Hardcover)


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THE RIPPLES is a sensitively written, gripping account of one families' experience of suicide and the relentless, ever-present, damaging ripples created on not only a family in crisis, but an entire community and beyond, as they each seek to make sense of the unthinkable.

Beyond the world of the seen, exists a world of the unseen.

Mark Fredrick had no idea that his next action would create a path of devastation so far reaching that it would go on and on, like the ripples created in the mirror-perfect body of water after a single calamitous event disturbs the calm forever.

No longer a taboo subject, suicide must be spoken about in loud voices, as we as a community attempt to save lives. One death by suicide is too many and we are losing 800,000 a year The Ripples provides a gripping fictional account of one family's experience of suicide and the damaging, relentless ripples that radiate out in every direction, not only on a family in crisis, but on a whole community and beyond, while also exploring the possibility of an all present love that connects us all. Thought provoking and insightful, The Ripples weaves a powerful story of spirituality, love, tragic loss and the amazing resilience, that allows us to bring ourselves back from the depths of despair to carry on living. It powerfully illustrates how nobody is spared from the heartbreak and the "what if" thoughts, feelings and regrets. A captivating story that explores many causative factors and highlights what we can do, to create a change in our current culture through the transformational power of love and connection.

The Ripples is an important book to create more conversations about mental health awareness. A story to highlight resources that are available and to create conversations to help and heal. Mostly it is a story to validate those who have experienced this most devastating of human tragedies and to highlight the resilience, strength and courage required to continue on living when all seems hopelessly lost.

Product Details ISBN: 9780648807834
ISBN-10: 0648807835
Publisher: Danielle Aitken
Publication Date: June 24th, 2020
Pages: 250
Language: English