City Witchery: Accessible Rituals, Practices & Prompts for Conjuring and Creating in a Magical Metropolis (Paperback)

City Witchery: Accessible Rituals, Practices & Prompts for Conjuring and Creating in a Magical Metropolis By Lisa Marie Basile Cover Image

City Witchery: Accessible Rituals, Practices & Prompts for Conjuring and Creating in a Magical Metropolis (Paperback)


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City Witchery is an accessible and intuitive guide to making and finding magic as a city dweller, traveler, or someone living in a small apartment.

In this gorgeous book, author of Light Magic for Dark Times and The Magical Writing Grimoire, Lisa Marie Basile, shows how you can maintain a practical, potent, and poetic practice when nature, time, space, and resources are scarce.

City Witchery invites you to step into your own power through poetic writing prompts, reflections, and practical rituals—so that you can find the sacred in your city.

In these pages, you will:

  • tap into your inner magic—within the context of a city environment or while traveling
  • shadow work with your city
  • tune into city astrology
  • embrace the enchantment of city streets and the power of wandering
  • honor the dead in your city through graveyard ritual
  • make kitchen witchery and find ways to make your apartment magical
  • disconnect from digital and sensory overload
  • reframe city limitations to reveal potential and inspiration
  • learn to tap into energies
  • write magical poetry inspired by your city
  • honor the people and cultures that came before you
From constructing portable or permanent altars and working with herbs in apartment magic to performing bibliomancy in your city library and working with nature and the moon in city spaces, City Witchery offers a new, attainable way to live intentionally in a city. 

Lisa Marie Basile (she/her) is a poet, essayist, editor, and chronic illness awareness advocate living in New York City. She’s the founder and creative director of Luna Luna Magazine and its online community, and the creator of Ritual Poetica, a curiosity project dedicated to exploring the intersection of writing, creativity, healing, and sacredness. She regularly creates dialogue and writes about intentionality and ritual, accessibility, creativity, poetry, foster care, mental health, family trauma, healing, and chronic illness. She is the author of The Magical Writing Grimoire, Light Magic for Dark Times, City Witches, and a few poetry collections, including the recent Nympholepsy, which is excerpted in Best American Experimental Writing 2020. Her essays and other work can be found in The New York Times, Narratively, Sabat Magazine, We Are Grimoire, Witch Craft Magazine, Refinery 29, Self, Healthline, Entropy, On Loan From The Cosmos, Chakrubs, Catapult, BUST, Bustle, and more. Her work has been nominated for several Pushcart Prizes (most recently for her work in Narratively). Lisa Marie has led poetry, writing, and ritual workshops—at HausWitch in Salem, Massachusetts; Manhattanville College; and Pace University—and she’s led ritual and writing events, like Atlas Obscura’s renowned Into The Veil. She is also a chronic illness advocate, keeping columns at several chronic illness patient websites. She earned a master’s degree in writing from The New School and studied literature and psychology as an undergraduate at Pace University. You can follow her at @lisamariebasile and @Ritual_Poetica.

Product Details ISBN: 9780760370810
ISBN-10: 0760370818
Publisher: becker&mayer! books
Publication Date: September 14th, 2021
Pages: 144
Language: English

"Living in urban spaces can be problematic for witches, who often rely on nature, privacy, and a lack of prying eyes from those around them. But in a city or urban area, that’s not always possible. In City Witchery, Lisa Marie Basile explores how the city can be an asset to a witch’s practice, rather than a limitation."

Your Tango

"Not just for city-dwellers, City Witchery is great for anyone who shares spaces with others, who doesn’t have a lot of privacy, or who needs help making spells and personal rituals more accessible. Filled with exercises and resources, along with beautiful illustrations, this book explores heightening intuition, tapping into magical energy, methods for connecting with land and history, suggestions for establishing magical environments, ways to embrace a particular city or area, self-care tips, and travel suggestions. Great for newbies and experienced witches alike, I found this book a quick but engrossing read, and really enjoyed all of the suggestions for ways to explore and experience cities in new ways."Autostraddle

“Caught up in the hustle and bustle of city life? Check out Lisa Marie Basile’s City Witchery, which will help you carve your own path to spiritual satisfaction, even in the middle of a concrete jungle.”Bustle

"City Witchery is the book for all Wiccans looking to practice magic as city dwellers. This handy guide helps users to practice the craft effectively in places where otherworldly resources and space are normally limited."Manhattan Book Review