Windows Game Programming for Dummies (Paperback)

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Windows Game Programming for Dummies (Paperback)


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The multimedia and computer-games industry has exploded in recent years. Games have gotten incredibly sophisticated--and incredibly entertaining. The programs used to create them have improved also, to the point that you don't necessarily have to be a nerd deluxe to do it yourself. Even so, game programming can be challenging--even if you're a veteran C/C++ programmer and licensed technogeek. Challenging, sure...but also incredibly cool.

Using DirectX--the latest and greatest technology for making games on PCs--Windows Game Programming For Dummies will help you write just about any 2D game you can conjure. Now updated to cover new DirectX and Windows releases, your friendly yellow-and-black companion will show you:

  • The basics of video game design
  • The nuts and bolts of Windows programming
  • How to work with DirectX--and play with DirectDraw
  • How to make a real game, with an actual, step-by-step example
  • How to market your mind-blowing new creation
  • The ten biggest mistakes made by game programmers--and how to avoid them

From graphics to sound to input and installation, legendary game developer and Xtreme Games CEO Andr LaMothe takes you right into the guts of the game--in an entertaining style that won't send you retreating to the nearest joystick. Andr 's witty, he's tons of fun, and before you know it he'll have you up to speed on:

  • Setting up your game programming workstation
  • Getting into DirectDraw: animation techniques, bitmaps, color keying, and more
  • Adding Direct X subsystems such as DirectSound, DirectInput, and AutoPlay
  • Getting your hands dirty by making a real game
  • The physics of asteroids and other flying objects: time, velocity, force, and all that
  • Game programming websites, downloads, 3D engines, usenet groups, and more
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Publication Date: October 1st, 2002
Pages: 464
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