Get Used to Different: A Student Guide to The Chosen (Paperback)

Get Used to Different is a nine-week devotional Bible study for students who long to know more about who they are in Christ, how to follow Him in light of that knowledge, and how to let Jesus lead them in their interactions with those around them.
Every new generation asks the same fundamental questions… Who am I? Where do I fit in? How do I find meaning, belonging, and acceptance? Jesus answered all these questions in a radically simple way: “Follow me.”
In this nine-week study, students will dive into Scripture alongside The Chosen series to:
  • Discover who Jesus says they really are
  • Understand what it means to follow Him
  • Learn how to surrender in both good and bad times
  • Find what their hearts are truly longing for
With reflection questions and discussion guides, along with QR codes that link directly to clips from the show, students will begin to understand the freedom that comes from knowing none of us have life totally figured out—but Jesus does. Through Scripture, the show, and this book, students will learn how to get used to different.
Jeremiah Smith loves his wife and four kiddos, the Chicago Bears, and leading marketing for The Chosen. He’s had some fun stops along the way: three years of Greek, being a pastor, and branding for the world’s largest company.
Amanda Jenkins is an author, speaker, and the lead creator of The Chosen’s additional content. Her husband, Dallas Jenkins, son of celebrated Left Behind author Jerry Jenkins, directed and produced over a dozen feature and short films before creating The Chosen, the largest crowd-funded media project of all time. They currently live in Texas with their four children.
Product Details ISBN: 9780830784752
ISBN-10: 0830784756
Publisher: David C Cook
Publication Date: February 6th, 2024
Pages: 208
Language: English
Series: The Chosen Bible Study Series