AIDS-Proofing Your Kids: A Step-by-Step Guide (Paperback)

AIDS-Proofing Your Kids: A Step-by-Step Guide By Loren E. Acker, Bram C. Goldwater, William Dyson Cover Image

AIDS-Proofing Your Kids: A Step-by-Step Guide (Paperback)


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AIDS-Proofing Your Kids is the first book to explain the most practical and direct strategies for parents and educators to teach children the skills and responsibilities needed to approach sex. Education experts are now saying that talking isn’t enough: you can tell kids what to do until you’re blue in the face, but that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll actually do it. This book gives parents and educators the crucial information on AIDS and shows them how to
  • overcome embarrassment in talking with kids about sex
  • talk about AIDS and its prevention
  • make abstinence more likely or train kids to use condoms
  • get kids to rehearse and practice AIDS-proofing skills
  • help the schools with AIDS education

Talking about safer sex and AIDS with our kids is only the first step. It’s time for all of us to do more to protect them. AIDS-Proofing Your Kids will save lives!
Dr. Loren Acker was educated at the University of California and is currently a professor at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Before teaching in Canada, he was an Overseas Research Fellow for the United States Public Health Service, developing behavioral teaching strategies for children and youths. Dr. Acker is presently teaching, doing research, and professionally practicing in child psychology and behavior management. He is an active father of four, deeply involved with his kids' schooling and community activities.

Dr. Bram Goldwater was educated at McGill, Cornell, and Bowling Green universities and is currently a professor at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. He has been teaching the basic principles of learning for more than twenty years, bringing to it an avid interest in both the understanding of behavior and in the best ways to communicate that understanding to others. His other research and teaching interests include the physiological study of arousal and emotion, modification of bodily reactions, and the relationship between psychology and disease.

Dr. William Dyson was educated at Moravian College, the University of Kansas, and McMaster University and is currently a professor and practicing physician at the University of Victoria. He has a strong background i basic science and was a well published researcher in cell growth and differentiation prior to leaving the laboratory for clinical medicine. In the past decade, he has fused his science background with clinical medicine while teaching for the School of Nursing at the university. The problem of AIDS has become a key topic in his courses over the years. Dr. Dyson was appointed coordinator for policy on AIDS at the university, a policy that requires the institution of effective preventive programs for the university community.
Product Details ISBN: 9780941831727
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Publisher: Atria Books/Beyond Words
Publication Date: February 1st, 1992
Pages: 170
Language: English
"The compassionate overview offered in AIDS-Proofing Your Kids is most welcome. Use it wisely and soon."

-- Alan Thicke, co-star of television's "Growing Pains"