Neuropuncture Case Studies and Clinical Applications: Volume 1 (Paperback)

Neuropuncture Case Studies and Clinical Applications: Volume 1 By Michael D. Corradino, Helen K. Law Cover Image

Neuropuncture Case Studies and Clinical Applications: Volume 1 (Paperback)


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Neuropuncture is the only complete neuroscience acupuncture system in the world that has been created by a traditionally trained acupuncturist for the traditionally trained acupuncturist and anyone else who wants to learn how to apply twenty-first-century medical sciences to the classical acupuncture model, in an effort to bring acupuncture into the heart of mainstream medicine as opposed to leaving it on the outskirts. A "complete neuroscience acupuncture system" refers to the broad clinical application that Neuropuncture offers to any and all medical cases with which licensed acupuncturists are presented-from mental health conditions and internal medical conditions to orthopedic and pain management, including body, auricular, and scalp neuroscience acupuncture systems.

The human nervous system permeates and communicates with every cell and organ system on every level. Therefore, when individuals learn Neuropuncture's principles, they learn how to neuro-modulate, neuro-regulate, and neuro-rehabilitate the nervous system back into homeostasis and return the patient back to health. In Neuropuncture, we believe that our very unique, powerful neural networks are the often-mistranslated classical Chinese medical terms of Mai 脉 and Jing luo 经络. We believe that these neural network pathways have been miscommunicated as meridians or energy channels for too many decades. We also see the neuroscience evidence clearly in the classical Deqi 得气 phenomena represented below. The fact that our ancient predecessors acknowledged the Deqi 得气 sensation illustrates that they were stimulating the nervous system and that those transmissions terminated in the brain, our master organic CPU, which controls every aspect and function in the human body.

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Publisher: Neuropuncture Inc.
Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Pages: 212
Language: English