The Concise User Guide to Orlistat (Paperback)

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The Concise User Guide to Orlistat (Paperback)


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This Guide is about Orlistat which is used with an individualized low-calorie, low-fat diet and exercise program to help people lose weight. Prescription orlistat is used in overweight people who may also have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or heart disease. Orlistat is also used after weight-loss to help people keep from gaining back that weight. Orlistat is in a class of medications called lipase inhibitors. It works by preventing some of the fat in foods eaten from being absorbed in the intestines. This unabsorbed fat is then removed from the body in the stool.


To reduce weight, individuals use orlistat (prescription and nonprescription) together with a calorie- and fat-restricted diet and regular exercise. A prescription for orlistat is given to overweight persons who may also be suffering from other health issues including high blood pressure or glucose levels, high cholesterol levels, or a higher risk of heart disease. Also, following weight reduction, orlistat is utilized to keep the weight off. A family of drugs known as lipase inhibitors includes orlistat. It prevents part of the fat in meals from being absorbed in the intestines, therefore reducing the risk of obesity. The stool subsequently flushes this fat out of the body.

It's not clear how to utilize this drug.

Orlistat is available in two forms: a prescription capsule and a nonprescription pill that may be swallowed. Three times a day with each fat-containing main meal is the normal dosage. Orlistat can be taken during or up to an hour after a meal, depending on the patient's preference. To avoid a missed dosage, it is OK to forgo a meal that does not include fat. If you don't understand something on your prescription label or package label, don't hesitate to contact your doctor or pharmacist for clarification. Orlistat must be taken exactly as prescribed. Taking more or less than suggested by your doctor or mentioned on the packaging is not recommended.

If orlistat is prescribed for you, ask your pharmacist or doctor for a copy of the patient information provided by the manufacturer. provides extra information about the non-prescription product.

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