Furious Chase: MMF Bisexual Romance (Taming the Beast #6) (Paperback)

Furious Chase: MMF Bisexual Romance (Taming the Beast #6) By Alex McAnders Cover Image

Furious Chase: MMF Bisexual Romance (Taming the Beast #6) (Paperback)


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A secret royal, his bad boy best friend, and the curvy woman they both want, fall into an epic MMF bisexual romance. Sharing a room, and a fake relationship lead to, a first time gay relationship, sizzling encounters, and longtime best friends giving in to their heart-aching passion.


Katherine couldn't have worse taste in men. After thinking she had found the love of her life, she finds herself stranded on an island in the South Pacific without money or a way of getting home. If she hadn't met Angel, a tall, sizzling hot stranger who offers to rescue her, she might have been there forever. And the only thing he asks in return is for her to pretend to be his fianc first.

Why would he need someone to do something like that? She didn't know. And when they end up sharing a room together at a nudist resort, and the sparks between them turn into a blazing inferno, what could possibly go wrong?


Angel lives in a world where nothing is ever what it seems... and he loves it. His life would be perfect if not for the occasional complication... the biggest of which is Chase, the one person he can't escape and who forces him to confront his dark secrets.

So when Angel meets Kat and sees a way to escape Chase, he takes it. But could he have a perfect life without Chase? Or, is his childhood best friend the only one who can rescue him from another of his complications, an unbearably lonely heart?


Chase found his purpose early in life. It was to clean up his best friend's messes. He couldn't stop himself. He was hopelessly in love with him. But, how did his old friend feel about him?

Everything Angel did told Chase that he wasn't interested. So, why was Chase still following him around the world protecting Angel from himself? And, when Angel introduces him to his beautiful, new fianc , what does it mean for the two of them?

Will Kat bring Chase and Angel together, or tear them apart? And, if Angel creates a mess like he always does, will Chase clean it up, or make an unexpected decision that leads to the three of them finding the love they all desperately desire?

'Furious Chase' is a steamy bisexual romance with twists, turns and heat. Loaded with crackling MM, MFM, and MMF scenes that will make your toes curl, it will make you laugh as much as cry before leaving you satisfied with its tear-jerking HEA ending.

Product Details ISBN: 9781088045350
ISBN-10: 1088045359
Publisher: McAnders Publishing
Publication Date: June 24th, 2022
Pages: 382
Language: English
Series: Taming the Beast