Understand the Middle East (since 1945) (Paperback)

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An essential guide to one of the world's most turbulent regions
Understand the Middle East (since 1945) examines the origins and development of the events which have dominated the headlines for the last six decades. Covering everything from religion and politics in the aftermath of the Second World War to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, war in Iraq and the terrorism of the present day it will change the way you think about the region.

Understand the Middle East (since 1945)

Chapter 1: The crossroads of the world
What is the Middle East?
The geography of the Middle East
Peoples and Societies

Chapter 2: States and mandates: Middle Eastern politics to the end of the Second World War
Ottoman collapse
Three agreements
The Arabian peninsula
Syria, Lebanon and Transjordan

Chapter 3: The promised land
The British mandate
The state of Israel

Chapter 4: Gamal Abdul Nasser
The First Arab-Israeli war
A region of instability
The Suez crisis

Chapter 5: War to war
The Suez war
The consequences of Suez
Between the wars
The Palestinians
The path to war

Chapter 6: Divisions and developments 1967-73
The Six Day War
The consequences of war
Enter Sadat and Assad
Palestine militant
Sadat's patience runs out
The Fourth Arab-Israeli War
The oil weapon

Chapter 7: Lebanon bleeds
Uneasy peace
Civil war
Israeli intervention
Israeli invasion
Towards settlement
Chapter 8: Camp David
'We can negotiate'
Shuttle diplomacy
A moment in history
Camp David

Chapter 9: Revolution and war

King of Kings
The Iranian Revolution
The rise of Saddam Hussein

Chapter 10: Intifada
Fruitless negotiation
The Palestinians
The state of Palestine
Hopes of settlement

Chapter 11: Desert Storm
Saddam bankrupt
Operation Desert Shield
Operation Desert Storm
Repercussions and revolts

Chapter 12: The 1990s: Searching for settlement
Instability, religion and power
The Declaration of Principles
Struggling for peace
A broader peace
The peace process crumbles
The Second Intifada

Chapter 13: Decision time: 9/11 and the Arab world
The Middle East in 2001
9/11 and America's War on Terror
A new millennium: 1. Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria
A new millennium: 2. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf

Chapter 14: Tragedy and intransigence: Iraq and Iran in the new millennium
Insurgency and democracy
Towards settlement
Twenty-first-century Iran

Chapter 15: Israel-Palestine in the new century
New century, old problems
Peace plans and disengagement
Olmert, Abbas and Hamas
More jaw, more war

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About the Author

Stewart Ross is a former lecturer at a major Middle Eastern University and is a prolific history writer and broadcaster.

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ISBN: 9781444105216
ISBN-10: 1444105213
Publisher: Teach Yourself
Publication Date: August 27th, 2010
Pages: 320
Language: English
Series: Teach Yourself History

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