Birds of Peru (Pocket Photo Guides) (Paperback)

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Birds of Peru (Pocket Photo Guides) (Paperback)


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A country of huge scenic diversity, Peru is a birdwatcher's paradise and a popular tourist destination. It is home to about 1,800 different types of birds, from the mighty Andean Condor to a dazzling variety of jewel-like hummingbirds. Many birds can be seen in the capital city of Lima, with Vermilion Flycatchers in the parks and gardens, Canary-winged Parakeets in the streets, and Inca Terns and Peruvian Pelicans along the shoreline. Deep in the forests of the Amazon basin are birds of great variety and beauty: antpittas, trogons, manakins, motmots, and cocks-of-the-rock. This concise and easy-to-use guide features 252 of Peru's most interesting and spectacular birds, each illustrated in full color and with key information on identification, habitat, and distribution.

Illustrated with clear color photography and brief but authoritative descriptions, the Pocket Photo Guides highlight the species of birds and animals from each region that the traveler is most likely to see, as well as those that are genuinely endemic (only to be seen in that country or region) or special rarities. The genuine pocket size allow the books to be carried around on trips and excursions and will take up minimal rucksack and suitcase space.

Clive Byers works freelance as an artist and illustrator, photographer, writer, lecturer, and guide. He has led many trips to various parts of the world, including every country in South America. He has also provided artwork for field guides covering the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and many other regions. He illustrated A Guide to the Warblers of the Western Palearctic and has contributed illustrations to a number of journals and books.
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Publisher: Bloomsbury Natural History
Publication Date: February 28th, 2017
Pages: 144
Language: English
Series: Pocket Photo Guides