How to Be a Man: a Father & Son Guide (Paperback)

How to Be a Man: a Father & Son Guide By Shon Rand (Editor), Derek Gillette Cover Image

How to Be a Man: a Father & Son Guide (Paperback)


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The journey to fatherhood changes the way we look at things. The question, "What does it mean to be a man?" suddenly defines the son you are raising. Who do you want your son to be?

Search for the phrase, "how to be a man" and you will find experts preaching the importance of men's fashion, making money, building fires, and picking up beautiful women. But are these really the qualities that make our sons successful?

As a father of five myself, I realized the need for a guide to see my sons reach maturity. There are too many temptations, too many bad examples set in front of their eyes today. I was sick of giving the lectures, repeating the same "do's" and "don'ts" over and over again, with no lasting change. I knew what I wanted my sons to become, but I didn't know how to help them get there.

It's time to change the stereotype of what it means to be a man.

Imagine raising a son who developed strong, unwavering character. A son who will not be swayed by popular public opinion and peer pressure. Imagine, down the road, seeing your son with his family and watching him treat his wife or girlfriend with love and respect.

This guide goes through over 30 essential character traits in a way that is easy to understand and absorb. The chapters ARE NOT CORNY or CLICHE. This is not your typical advice or how-to book. It goes deeper than superficial, obvious advice.

"How to Be a Man: a Father & Son Guide" is crafted for those with short attention spans and busy schedules. And unlike many books in this category, it is not overtly religious in any way, although it does focus heavily on the values that make up good, strong character.

Trust me, your sons want to learn from you. They need your attention, even if they pretend to hate it. This book gives you talking points to build a real and honest relationship together.

Learn how to tap into your son's core to connect with them on a real level. Then watch them make the choice to discipline themselves and make choices that protect your relationship.

Table of Contents:

1. Be Known as an Honest Person

2. Your Word Must be Worth Something

3. Be Confident in your Beliefs, Whatever they are

4. Know What is Important

5. Think About the Future Right Now: Understand the Ripple Effect

6. You are not Responsible for the Happiness of Others

7. Choose Peace Whenever Possible

8. Know When to Walk Away

9. It's Always Better to Ask for Forgiveness than to Demand it from Others

10. Protect your Love; Don't Give it Away Carelessly

11. Avoid Idleness

12. Be Known as Someone who Gives More than he Takes

13. You Are no One's Savior, Don't Even Try

14. It's Hard to Fix a Broken Heart. Best to Avoid

15.Take Every Chance to Celebrate Others

16. Understand the Importance of Time and Place

17. Don't be Afraid to Look Foolish for What you Believe in, but Don't be a Fool for no Reason

18. Don't be Defined by What you Do

19. Life is a Marathon Run on a Circular Track

20. The Man you See in the Mirror is Only Half the Picture

21. Anger is a Powerful Seed that Starts Small, Grows Fast, and Digs its Roots Deep

22. Don't Seek Justice or Revenge

23. Complaining is a Contagious Virus

24. Whenever Possible, Do not be in Debt

25. Know What you Need and be Able to Communicate it

26. Keep your Childlike Innocence for as Long as Possible

27. Be Good at Several Things

28. Remember to Laugh Often

29. Concluding Thoughts on Marriage

30. There's Always One More

At the age of 24 I got married, overnight becoming a father of two step-sons. My first daughter was born soon after, with two more newborns arriving in the span of three years. These experiences as a husband and father of five led me to wrestle with the tension between my dreams and my daily requirements. I hope you find my writing to offer you both hope yet also practical advice that you can apply right now, exactly where you are. Thanks for reading, Derek
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