Advanced Excel Formulas: Unleashing Brilliance with Excel Formulas (Paperback)

Advanced Excel Formulas: Unleashing Brilliance with Excel Formulas By Alan Murray Cover Image

Advanced Excel Formulas: Unleashing Brilliance with Excel Formulas (Paperback)


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Chapter 1: Excel Formulas - A Quick Primer

Chapter Goal: Start the journey to mastering formulas in Excel

No of pages: 25

This chapter is the first of many on formulas in Excel. It will start with basic mathematical operations, explain the structure of formulas inside-out, look at some basic functions and cover absolute cell addresses.

Chapter 2: Logical Formulas

Chapter Goal: Learn the important logical functions in Excel.

No of pages: 35

This chapter will explain how and when to use logical functions including IF, IFS, AND, OR, XOR, IFERROR, IFNA and SWITCH. These functions are the initial building blocks of automated Excel models and reports. Their importance cannot be understated.

Chapter 3: Defined Names

Chapter Goal: Understand the use and hidden brilliance of defined names.

No of pages: 25

This chapter explores defined names in-depth. This little-known feature has huge benefits in how we use and deploy ranges and formulas in Excel.

Chapter 4: You Need to Start Using Tables
Chapter Goal: To understand and master the use of Tables

No of pages: 30

This chapter will introduce the reader to tables in Excel. It will explain the many benefits to their use and how to use them effectively.

Chapter 5: Manipulating Text

Chapter Goal: Learn the most useful text functions of Excel

No of pages: 40

This chapter will look at the formulas to extract, combine, replace, and format text. These include but are not limited to LEN, MID, SEARCH, DOLLAR, CONCAT and VALUE.

Chapter 6: Working with Dates and Times

Chapter Goal: Learn the popular date and time functions of Excel

No of pages: 40

This chapter will explain how dates and times are stored, and are to be used, in Excel. We will use different date and time functions to perform transformations and various calculations.

Chapter 7: The Infamous VLOOKUP Function

Chapter Goal: Master this vital function

No of pages: 35

This chapter is dedicated to the third most used function in Excel. It fully explains how to use VLOOKUP in a way people have probably not heard before. It will also cover some insider tricks to avoid common VLOOKUP limitations and mistakes. A variety of examples will be shown.

Chapter 8: Advanced Lookup Formulas
Chapter Goal: Learn more advanced lookup functions.

No of pages: 40

In this chapter, we explore functions such as INDEX, OFFSET, MATCH, CHOOSE and INDIRECT to build upon the concepts learnt with VLOOKUP. We will see alternative ways to complete a task dependent upon the scenario.

Chapter 9: The Awesome SUMIFS, COUNTIFS and Friends

Chapter Goal: Learn how to use these two exceptional functions.

No of pages: 40

This chapter will explain these two functions with various examples. They are two of the best and have come to my aid so many times in the past. The chapter also shows the AVERAGEIFS, MINIFS and MAXIFS functions.

Chapter 10: Next Level Aggregation Functions

Chapter Goal: Learn the SUMPRODUCT and AGGREGATION functions.

No of pages: 30

This chapter will look at the SUMPRODUCT and AGGREGATE functions. This chapter follows on nicely from the previous one as these functions have more power than SUMIFS and COUNTIFS.

Chapter 11: Dynamic Array Formulas

Chapter Goal: Understand how to efficiently use dynamic array formulas

No of pages: 40

This chapter introduces the reader to dynamic array formulas. These formulas are available to 365 users only. Therefore, it is essential that it is understood how these formulas are best used, and how they may affect you.

Alan Murray is a Microsoft MVP and Excel trainer. He has been helping people in Excel for over 20 years. He loves training and the joy he gets from knowing he is making peoples working lives easier.Alan runs his own blog - Computergaga (https: // and writes for multiple other websites. His YouTube channel has over 550 videos and over 35 million views. He organizes a free monthly Excel meetup in London where anyone can come learn Excel, chat, and enjoy each other's company (https: //
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