Pâtisserie Gluten Free: The Art of French Pastry: Cookies, Tarts, Cakes, and Puff Pastries (Hardcover)

Pâtisserie Gluten Free: The Art of French Pastry: Cookies, Tarts, Cakes, and Puff Pastries By Patricia Austin Cover Image

Pâtisserie Gluten Free: The Art of French Pastry: Cookies, Tarts, Cakes, and Puff Pastries (Hardcover)


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Have you longed for foods from a French pâtisserie but couldn’t find anything gluten-free? Have you looked for French pastry cookbooks and are unsatisfied with the gluten-free selections? If so, this is the book for you!

Pâ​tisserie Gluten Free has instructions on the art of French pastry so you can have your own pâtisserie at home. This cookbook makes French gluten-free delightful pastries possible.

The beautiful photographs help bakers as they work through the recipes. Pâtisserie Gluten Free presents some of the most difficult treats to make without gluten: classic French pastries. The Table of Contents includes:
  • PREFACE: A Baker’s Craft
  • INTRODUCTION: French Pastries Made Gluten-Free
  • Chapter One: Ingredients, Equipment, Sources
  • Chapter Two: French Pastry Basic Recipes
  • Chapter Three: Cookies
  • Chapter Four: Tarts
  • Chapter Five: Cakes
  • Chapter Six: Meringues
  • Chapter Seven: Cream Puff Pastries
  • Chapter Eight: Brioche
  • Chapter Nine: Flaky Pastries

Written with careful detail and a warm and welcoming manner, Patricia Austin shares her wisdom on French baking in this wonderful cookbook that will pleasantly surprise the fiercest gluten-free skeptics.
Patricia Austin became a croissant maker at age seventeen, and later worked as pastry chef assistant to Jeffrey Hamelman (award-winning master baker and now director of the King Arthur Bakery). In 2005 Patricia founded her cottage industry Wild Flour Vermont Bakery, which incorporates her lifestyle of living close to the land. She also works as a baking consultant and recipe developer/tester. Her most recent projects include recipe testing for world renowned pastry chef Pierre Hermé’s newly released book, Pierre Hermé Macarons, as well as dessert testing for the MasterChef series. She lives in Brattleboro, Vermont.
Product Details ISBN: 9781510712928
ISBN-10: 1510712925
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication Date: February 7th, 2017
Pages: 344
Language: English
Pâtisserie Gluten Free is remarkable in many ways. First because it brings together in one place dozens of delectable cakes and pastries that have been painstakingly crafted by the hands of a dedicated chef (and thoroughly explained by her excellent and clear writing). Patricia presents us with an expansive array of flavors and textures, and in the aggregate these offer us the potential of months if not years of exploration in our kitchens as we savor the recipes.” —Jeffrey Hamelman, King Arthur Bakery director, from his foreword

French favorites. Patricia’s knowledge of French pastry and her ability to adapt her recipes to a
gluten-free format is not only brilliant, but also revolutionary! Having worked closely with Patricia
on my own book, I know her attention to detail, and it shows clearly in the pages of this book.” —Shaun O’Neale, MasterChef Season 7 winner

“This is a cookbook that every baker should have in their collection. Patricia’s work is beautiful
and memorably delicious, and she has accomplished it all without gluten, gums, or GMOs!” —Laila Ali, world champion boxer, fitness and wellness expert, and television personality.