Shift into a Higher Gear: Better Your Best and Live Life to the Fullest (Paperback)

Shift into a Higher Gear: Better Your Best and Live Life to the Fullest By Delatorro McNeal Cover Image

Shift into a Higher Gear: Better Your Best and Live Life to the Fullest (Paperback)


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Kick fear-based living to the curb and discover exactly how to manifest the life of your dreams!

Is there another level of life that you want to live? Are there goals you’ve been struggling to achieve? Are there areas of your life where you’ve settled for excuses instead of excellence?
With close to two decades of experience working with high achievers globally, peak performance expert Delatorro McNeal II is passionate about teaching people how to live life full throttle. A motorcycle enthusiast, McNeal uses biking metaphors to vividly illustrate how to reject the monotony of living on cruise control. Packed with exercises, journaling activities, compelling questions, and thought-provoking stories, analogies, and examples, this book teaches you the psychology and methodology of shifting into a higher gear. Each of the twelve chapters starts with the word Shift and invites you to make a simple but profound change that will accelerate your results and expand the horizons of your possibilities. You’ll discover how to

  • Lean into the curves of life and business
  • Sever your dependency on the “kickstands of life”
  • Put your weight into the changes you desire most
  • Steer the flow of your emotional states
  • Shift your core relationships to invite the right posse to your biker club
  • Drive defensively to avoid the potholes that stop most people from succeeding
    From the introduction all the way through to the conclusion, this book is a transformational seminar on paper. Join Delatorro McNeal as he takes you on the personal development journey of a lifetime.
    Delatorro McNeal II is an internationally renowned peak performance expert, keynote speaker, bestselling author, and media personality. He is the founder of the Full Throttle Experience and partners with Fortune 500 corporations, professional associations, and entrepreneurs to drastically improve organizational effectiveness, employee morale and productivity, training and development, sales performance, and more. He has spoken across the United States and abroad and has delivered more than 4,000 presentations over the past fifteen years. He resides in Tampa, Florida, as the loving father of Miracle and Hope.
    Product Details ISBN: 9781523093731
    ISBN-10: 1523093730
    Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
    Publication Date: October 19th, 2021
    Pages: 192
    Language: English
    “Delatorro L. McNeal II has laid out a powerful roadmap for freeing your heart and mind and transforming your life. With potent practices and processes designed to activate your ever-greater yet to be, Shift into a Higher Gear takes you on an adventure of the soul. If you’re ready to break free of mediocrity and create a life of unbridled joy and deep intention and purpose, study and practice the principles in this book. This is your Invitation to the Ride of Your Life. Accept it.”
    —Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder and Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center, author of Life Visioning, Spiritual Liberation, and The Answer Is You
    “Delatorro McNeal II is one of the most dynamic speakers and prolific authors you will ever experience. In his new book, Shift into a Higher Gear, you are about to go on the journey of a lifetime! Congratulations in advance for the rapid transformation you are about to go through. The principles in this book will put money in your pocket and happiness in your heart!”
    —Myron Golden, PhD, author of From the Trash Man to the Cash Man
    “In life, we cannot play small—not when there is so much greatness inside of us. Too often people do just that. But thank God for Delatorro, who put his whole self into his new book, Shift Into a Higher Gear. This landmark book is a must-read that will push you from your position of complacency and teach you how to think big, dream big, and live your best life.”
    —Dr. Shirley Davis, President, SDS Global Enterprises, Inc., global workforce expert, certified coach, business strategist, and master of reinvention
    “Delatorro is a premier thought leader in the personal development space. With this fresh, edgy, and extremely unique twist on traditional success principles, Shift into a Higher Gear is literally a goldmine! This book is loaded with love, packed with power, and rich with the resources you need to catapult you to whatever your next level is in life and business! I’ve known Delatorro for over a decade, and this brother always overdelivers! This book is more than a must-read, it’s a must-apply!”
    —Dr. Farrah Gray, international bestselling author, business mogul, and social media influencer
    “Only Delatorro can create such a powerful metaphorical connection between personal development and motorcycle riding! This book and its contents are edgy, unique, fresh, and necessary! I love that he teaches you how to get into the flow by sharing his processes so you can glide with ease, achieve what you want, and be aware of how you are in control of your life (and bike).”
    —Pegine, Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame member, Minority Enterprise Development Week Entrepreneur of the Year, and Million Dollar Winner
    “I’ve seen Delatorro grow to become one of the top thought leaders in the world. And I know that he did it not because someone gave him a golden ticket but because he learned the golden principles and put them to work. He is the real deal! I’ve personally witnessed Delatorro teach these principles to thousands of people at his live events, and I’ve seen the life-transforming results of the people who have applied his methods. I highly recommend this book for you and everyone in your network.”
    —Dr. Willie Jolley, Hall of Fame speaker, nationally syndicated radio host, and author of global bestseller, A Setback Is a Setup for a Comeback
    “I’ve known Delatorro for some time now, and I can say that he has a gift for providing clarity and giving concise advice on how to live a more full and prosperous life. This unique and engaging book is the answer if you have questions on what’s next for you! If you’ve heard me speak, you already know that I believe there is greatness in you, and Delatorro does too. This is definitely a book to help you tap into it!”
    —Les Brown, speaker, author, and trainer
    “Delatorro McNeal’s story is full of overcoming huge challenges and going on to become one of the most-sought out speakers and trainers in the world. In his new book, Shift into Higher Gear, he shares the blueprint for getting unstuck and making your life into something great. He knows the how. He has lived it! And he shares his experience, wisdom, and encouragement with you!”
    —Kyle Wilson, strategist, marketer, bestselling author, and founder, Jim Rohn International and
    “You have a magnificent responsibility to be the best version of yourself possible. You have a significant mandate to not only top yourself but to live this thing called life with the throttle rolled all the way out! And there is nobody better to show you the practical, tactical, and tangible steps to do that than Delatorro McNeal. This book is a game changer in the self-help and personal development space! The metaphors that Delatorro uses to compel you to level up are simply astounding. Get this book now! Share it with your friends, associates, assignments, and advisors and watch your entire life shift higher with Delatorro as your guide! Awesome!”
    —Dharius Daniels, spritual leader, cultural architect, generational trendsetter,
    bestselling author of Relational Intelligence, and Lead Pastor, Change Church
    “I know fantastic leadership material when I see it. Delatorro is truly a leader’s leader. Every encounter with Delatorro’s content will change your life—if you let it! Shift into a Higher Gear will push you to bring the very best out of yourself and those around you! To say that this book is packed with content is a massive understatement. Delatorro always overdelivers, and this book proves it again. Get this book for yourself and the teams within your organization and watch everyone Shift Higher!”
    —Chris Robinson, Executive Vice President, John Maxwell Team
    “I’ve known Delatorro and trusted his content for over fifteen years. I am a first-hand witness that the principles contained in this book are life altering and revolutionary—but only if you apply them! The way he breaks down the connection between living life to the fullest and the hobby of motorcycle riding is simply ingenious! There are few people that push me—and Delatorro is certainly one of them. If you’re ready for your next level, this book is it, and Delatorro is your guy!”
    —Victor Antonio, founder, Sales Velocity Academy

    “Delatorro McNeal II is a dynamic and engaging trainer and communicator with the ability to effectively use vivid illustrations and life experiences to teach and transform lives. His book Shift into A Higher Gear is a tangible expression of McNeal’s unique teaching style. Using creative illustrations, life lessons, and practical applications, this book keeps readers engaged and holds their attention from cover to cover. If you are stuck and feel as though your life is in a holding pattern, or if you are unable to reach certain goals in your life, this book will enable you to start moving forward.”
    —Pastor John K. Jenkins, Sr., Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Glenarden