Amazing Facts: 349 Incredible Facts Your Teacher Did Not Tell You About Book 5 (Paperback)

Amazing Facts: 349 Incredible Facts Your Teacher Did Not Tell You About Book 5 By Lawrence Matthew Cover Image

Amazing Facts: 349 Incredible Facts Your Teacher Did Not Tell You About Book 5 (Paperback)


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This is book number 5 in the Amazing Facts series.

Amazing Facts - 349 Incredible Facts Your Teacher Did Not Tell You at School - Book 5 - This is the Book 5 in the Amazing Facts Book series. The facts in this Book will surely blow your mind. See samples below: AMAZING FACTS UNLEASHED During their periods, women are actually quicker at detecting snakes. Sometimes you might think you're hearing a piece of music in your head even though it's not being played. This is known as the "earworm". Sweaty feet and cheese smells alike because the bacteria used in making strong smelled cheese is the same one found on human feet. The great boxer, Muhammad Ali protested against racial discrimination in the US by throwing his Olympic gold medal into the Ohio River. A 17 years old boy, Michael Doucette honored as the Unites State's safest teenage driver died in a car accident. All humans are born naturally afraid of loud noises and falling, the only two fears they are known to possess at the time of birth 58 year old Peter Fowler holds the world record for drinking 1 liter of beer in just 1.3 seconds. An island country named Niue, had picture of Pok mon's Pikachu on their currency in 2001. Video games boost problem-solving skills, gamers absorb information quickly and make accurate decisions faster. Ted Bundy, one of the most notorious American serial killer, used to work at Seattle's Suicide Hotline crisis center, in 1971 Osama bin Laden's father married 22 times, fathering at least 54 children. Osama bin Laden is believed to be his 17th son. 'Nederland' is the name of a town in Colorado, USA where it is officially legal to possess, grow, transport, buy, sell or consume marijuana US Marines tortured Saddam Hussein by forcefully made him watch South Park movie repeatedly after he was captured. All the different colors of Froot Loops taste the same. Nobody knows what the different colored Froot Loops represent. "Hakuna Matata" the term used in Disney movie Lion King is actually a Swahili phrase which means "there are no worries". Eating tomatoes helps prevent sunburn -- Tomatoes provide the best defense against sun damage. A 51-year-old woman named Donna Lange killed her boyfriend by suffocating him with her 38DD boobs. There is a species of frog in South America named "aquatic scrotum." Over 200 dead bodies are intentionally left on Mount Everest as landmarks to help new climbers find their way to the top. Chuck Norris used to daydream about beating up other children who routinely taunted and teased him on his mixed ethnicity.There are many more like this. Get your copy now.
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