Native American Spiritualism: An Exploration of Indigenous Beliefs and Cultures (Mystic Traditions) (Hardcover)

Native American Spiritualism: An Exploration of Indigenous Beliefs and Cultures (Mystic Traditions) By L. M. Arroyo Cover Image

Native American Spiritualism: An Exploration of Indigenous Beliefs and Cultures (Mystic Traditions) (Hardcover)


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Explore the spiritual practices, legends, and traditions of various Indigenous tribes throughout the North American continent.

The Indigenous peoples of North America have followed a wide variety of spiritual traditions, many of which have been carried on to present day. Native American Spiritualism offers powerful insight into the origins and practices of Indigenous American spirituality while also providing guidance to help unlearn colonialist perspectives of Indigenous cultures and embrace an enlightened, nature-focused existence full of traditions of your own making.

This multifaceted guide to discovering your spirituality provides lessons on:
  • Oral Traditions and the historical events of Mythic Time
  • Key value systems of eight Nations, including the Chippewa, Sioux, and Chumash Nations
  • Native American seasonal ceremonies and their cultural significance
  • Everyday life in the Nations, including common foods, clothes, objects, and games
  • And more!

As with every title in the Mystic Traditions series, Native American Spiritualism is a celebration of a unique and beautiful culture. As such, the subject matter and content has been treated with the utmost care and respect to ensure an accurate and reverent presentation that is accessible to a variety of audiences, and serves to further educate and foster support for these rich practices and traditions for years to come.

Illustrated with stunning imagery, Native American Spiritualism is a must-read for practitioners who wish to explore the origins of their craft and practices.

The Mystic Traditions series explores mystical and spiritual traditions and magical practices from around the world from a modern perspective. These guides offer concise introductions to the origins of mystical practices; explain key concepts, figures, and legends in these traditions; and give straightforward and engaging instruction on how to connect directly with these practices through rituals, spells, and more.

Also from the Mystic Traditions series: Celtic Mysticism, Zen Buddhism.

L. M. Arroyo is a New York City–based writer and reporter whose work includes service journalism, essays, news coverage, and crafting copy. She especially enjoys doing research-based deep dives into various cultural subjects, historical themes, literature, and more.

This writer sees herself only as a conduit of the material itself. The true authors of this book are the Elders and other Native American individuals who are the source of each Nation’s Traditional Knowledge and Oral Traditions. No one outside of these Native American Nations can claim authorship over any of this information. Given the centuries of persecution that Native Americans have endured, the survival of this information is a testament to the determined resilience of the keepers of this Sacred Knowledge. They are the ones responsible for keeping their Traditions, spirituality, beliefs, and practices alive and flourishing, to the benefit of their People and to the non-Native population who long to learn more.

Product Details ISBN: 9781577153580
ISBN-10: 1577153588
Publisher: Wellfleet Press
Publication Date: August 1st, 2023
Pages: 168
Language: English
Series: Mystic Traditions
"Too often Native American cultures are treated as a monolith and viewed from a colonist’s perspective. To counter the shallow, misleading stereotypes and cultural appropriation, Native American Spiritualism gathered information about spiritual traditions from each nation’s community to help readers appreciate these rich and complex cultures."—Booklist

"Illustrated with stunning imagery, Native American Spiritualism will be of immense value for readers with an interest in Shamanism, Native American Religion, and Metaphysical Studies. An essential resource for aspiring practitioners as an introduction to the origins of Native American religious and spiritual practices and belief systems."—Midwest Book Review