The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire: Rituals, Recipes, and Spells for Healing, Protection, Beauty, Love, and More (Paperback)

The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire: Rituals, Recipes, and Spells for Healing, Protection, Beauty, Love, and More By Denise Alvarado Cover Image

The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire: Rituals, Recipes, and Spells for Healing, Protection, Beauty, Love, and More (Paperback)


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The first guide and spell book for modern witches on how to bring the renowned Marie Laveau's spiritual heritage to life.

The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire is a practical guide to New Orleans-style magic inspired by the life and traditions of Marie Laveau—the eternal and enduring Queen of New Orleans Voodoo. This is a working grimoire, or spell book, created for the modern witch and Conjure worker that provides formulas and recipes for solving the problems of daily living and enhancing quality of life using the Laveau Voodoo tradition.

More than just a collection of spells, The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire contains tips and recommendations for improving one’s spell-crafting skills and living a magical, spiritual life. The author draws upon her own Creole heritage to bring this unique and regional style of magic to the greater public in a clear and accessible way. Formulas include:
  • Controlling Powder: A simple recipe that can be made at a moment’s notice to influence someone to act in your favor. 
  • Follow Me Boy Conjure Oil: According to oral tradition, this recipe was created by Marie Laveau. Originally designed for prostitutes, this recipe has money, love, and protection herbs incorporated in it. This blend is favored for its power to attract, seduce, and enthrall.
Alvarado teaches readers everything from stone, root, and bone magick to ritual oils and spells for healing, protection, love, beauty, banishing, and much more.
Denise Alvarado was born and raised in the rich Creole culture of New Orleans, Louisiana. She is the author of numerous books including The Magic of Marie Laveau and The Voodoo Doll Spellbook and a teacher of Southern Conjure at Crossroads University. Visit her at
Product Details ISBN: 9781578638130
ISBN-10: 1578638135
Publisher: Weiser Books
Publication Date: February 5th, 2024
Pages: 240
Language: English
The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire is the stuff! Everything about this book feels just right. It’s spare yet lush; vintage but with a fresh tone. Like Grandma’s dresser, it’s filled with sensual delights and well-kept secrets. I was hooked from page one. I want this book. I need this book in my magickal library, and you will too. Sister, you had me at Potlikker!”
—Priestess Stephanie Rose Bird, magick-maker, artist, and author of Motherland Herbal, African American Magick, The Healing Tree, and numerous others

The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire is a compelling exploration of Voodoo traditions, dispelling myths and offering deep insights into the spiritual practices of this ancient and misunderstood religion. Denise Alvarado's writing is both engaging and informative, making it accessible to both newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike. Whether you are a curious reader interested in the occult or a dedicated student of Voodoo, this book provides a rich and enlightening experience. Once again her impeccably researched material offers her readers much more than expected.”
—Denise Augustine, owner of Our Sacred Stories Tour Company

“To quote Denise Alvarado, ‘A book has the power to bewitch and enchant,’ and The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire certainly fulfills that potential. . . . Alvarado’s work is thorough, respectful, and rooted in her own deep knowledge of traditional practices, coupled with an anthropologist’s attention to meticulous research. At the same time, she is unafraid to interpret and expand to reflect contemporary needs as well as her own inspiration. The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire is full of useful information. But this is not a simple recipe book. The author explores the whys and wherefores—why you might want to employ a certain ingredient, what the meaning and power is within the ingredient, as well as the metaphor of the particular spell that renders the work effective. . . . By building creatively upon tradition, Denise Alvarado embodies the spirit of Marie Laveau, which elevates the work and lends vibrancy to her great legacy.”
—Sallie Ann Glassman, author of Vodou Visions, artist and cocreator of The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot

The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire is, without a doubt, the most delightful book I’ve read this year! Offering a glimpse into Marie Laveau’s life via historical tidbits, newspaper clippings, and quotations from those who knew her, this book is anything but a typical grimoire. While you’ll find the anticipated fare of charms, spells, formulas, and rituals, there’s also the unexpected surprise of recipes for bath and beauty, laundry and cleaning products, cures and remedies for minor afflictions, and—my personal favorite—traditional Southern dishes to prepare for family and friends. What Denise Alvarado has given us with this book is much more than a simple grimoire. It’s a rare gift—a quintessential guide to conjuring a magical life—and one that all practitioners will use and cherish.”
—Dorothy Morrison, author of Utterly Wicked
The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire by Denise Alvarado is a book steeped in New Orleans mysticism. It is a foundational understanding of Voodoo rites and rituals that delves way beyond the lore and fascination with Laveau’s enchanting hold on the city. This book is a must-have for folks researching the residual impact of spirituality on displaced Africans who call New Orleans family. Alvarado has written a prolific and redemptive tale, a delicious stew of just how revolution got its claim to fame.”
—Mawiyah Kai El-Jamah Bomani, author of Conjuring the Calabash

“Mam’zelle Marie and the legacy of Voodoo have often been maligned by mainstream media and treated with cock-eyed reporting from well-meaning apologists. Denise has done the research needed to tell the whole story. She portrays the life and works of Mam’zelle with respect, understanding, and emotional sensitivity. It reads well as the history of a community led by the influence of powerful and compassionate women. Sit back, read, gather your altar items, and prepare to conjure your best life. Power forward.”
—Yeye Luisah Teish, author of Jambalaya and A Calabash of Cowries

“As a long time devotee of the spirit of Marie Laveau, I found Denise Alvarado’s The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire to be practical, respectful, and an engaging introduction and immersion into the spiritual presence and power of the Mam’zelle. Filled with unique nuance, historical insight, and a buffet of recipes and practices presented in classic grimoire style, this book will be treasured for years to come. Alvarado shows her devotion to the mother of New Orleans Voodoo and offers the reader an invitation and opportunity to do the same.”
—Orion Foxwood, southern and Appalachian conjure man, author of Mountain Conjure and Southern Rootwork

“Alvarado skillfully uses Laveau as conduit to bring to life voodoo’s rich history (she takes particular care to examine its West African roots) and modern applications. This bewitching compendium is ideal for those seeking to expand their magical horizons.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Dedicated to the spirit and lineage of Marie Laveau, New Orleans’s acknowledged Queen of the Voudou religion (a free Creole woman famed for her public Voudou rituals, healing arts, and charitable acts in the late 19th century) this title is crammed with spells, rituals, and cookery recipes from the separate traditions of New Orleans Voudou (or Voodoo—both spellings are used in this book), Hoodoo, Conjure, and Rootwork. While not Laveau’s actual grimoire, this book by Alvarado (The Magic of Marie Laveau) relies on historical references, the oral tradition of New Orleans Voudou practitioners, and the author’s Creole heritage, all of which inform her own Voudou practice and this generous shared collection of workings. The book begins with excellent descriptions of New Orleans Voudou and where it came from and explains the differences among New Orleans Voudou, Louisiana Voudou, Laveau’s specific tradition of Voudou, Hoodoo, Conjure, and Rootwork. Alvarado then explains the theological hierarchy of spirits engaged in the magick of these traditions. Following is a catalogue of tools, herbs, spells, cleanses, and protections to resolve life’s challenges or enhance good fortune, including so-called ‘safe’ New Orleans Voudou rituals for noninitiates. Note that the concept of Voudou for noninitiates is controversial, as Voudou is a closed religion that one must be initiated into and which has often been inappropriately commodified.
“VERDICT While deeply rooted in generational traditions, this is a modern collection of New Orleans Voudou workings that will delight those interested in learning more about the wide range of topics Alvarado explores.”
—STARRED review, Library Journal

“Denise Alvarado is the most impressive, dedicated author on all things New Orleans Voodoo that I can name. Her research is always impeccable, and her love of the practice is apparent from the first page of any of her books. Perhaps no one has captured the fascination of devotees and lovers of New Orleans Voodoo history more than Marie Laveau. When I learned Denise was researching and compiling a grimoire of Ms. Laveau’s recipes I was thrilled. This would prove to be a truly trustable text, as are all of Alvarado’s books. Moreover, her writing style is so accessible and clear, it promises to be a collection we can all use, and which will remain in use well into the future.”
—Claudia Williams, author of Manifesting Magick with Vévés and Sigils and other books, owner of Starling Magickal Occult Shop in New Orleans