The Business of Being an Artist (Paperback)

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The Business of Being an Artist (Paperback)


Fine artists are taught many things about the craft of art in the various art schools and university art programs, but rarely do they learn much if anything about how to make a career of their talents. The Business of Being an Artist contains information on how artists may develop a presence in the art world that leads to sales. The book contains information on how artists can learn to sell their work directly to the public with an understanding of the principles of marketing and sales as they're applicable to works of art. Artists will also learn how to find a suitable gallery that will arrange sales and commissions and how to set up a contractual relationship with the dealer that is both equitable and profitable. Among the topics covered in The Business of Being an Artist are: the range of exhibition opportunities for emerging and mid-career artists; how to set prices for artwork; when or if artists should pay to advance their careers; how artists may communicate with the public; applying for loans, grants, and fellowships; areas of the law that concern artists; using art materials safely; online sales and marketing, and much more. In addition to all of this priceless information, The Business of Being an Artist includes a unique discussion of some of the emotional issues that face artists throughout their careers, such as working alone, confronting stereotypes, handling criticisms and rejection, the glare of publicity, and the absence of attention. Without a doubt, The Business of Being an Artist is a must-have book for every artist ready to turn their talent into a successful business.

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Daniel Grant is the author of a number of books on fine artists' career development. He has taught at Lyme Academy College of Art and led career workshops at a variety of colleges and universities around the country including Yale University, Smith College, Iowa State University, and the College Art Association. In addition, he is a contributing editor at American Artist magazine and writes regularly for the Wall Street Journal and ARTnews. Grant has worked as a full-time art critic and feature writer for Newsday in New York City and the Commercial-Appeal in Memphis, Tennessee, as well as having served as the editor of Art & Artists. Daniel Grant has written seven books for Allworth Press: The Business of Being an Artist, Selling Art Without Galleries, The Fine Artists' Career Guide, How to Grow as an Artist, An Artist's Guide: Making It in New York City, The Artist's Resource Handbook, and The Writer's Resource Handbook. Grant's work appears periodically in the New York Times and Art in America. A graduate of Northwestern University, Daniel Grant lives in Amherst, Massachusetts, where he has chaired the local cultural council.
Product Details ISBN: 9781581156737
ISBN-10: 1581156731
Publisher: Allworth
Publication Date: February 23rd, 2010
Pages: 448
Language: English

“One of the best-informed and most resourceful writers in the art field.” - American Artist