Answering Religious Error (Paperback)

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Answering Religious Error (Paperback)


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Answering Religious Error: Table of Contents

Baptism Is Not Essential to Salvation
Mechanical Instruments May Be Used in Worship
One Church Is Just as Good as Another
There's Nothing in a Name
Salvation Is by Faith Only
Children Are Born Sinners
A Christian Cannot Sin so as to Be Eternally Lost
The Lord's Supper May Be Observed Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, or Annually
There Is No God
Christ Will Come Back to Earth, Set Up His Kingdom, and Reign 1,000 Years
It Makes No Difference How One Worships
If I'm Sincere and Follow My Conscience God Will Save Me
We Are All Headed to the Same Place, Just Going Different Ways
God Wouldn't Punish Us, He Loves Us Too Much
Alexander Campbell Started the Church of Christ
The Old Testament Is Still Binding
There's Only One Person in the Godhead, Jesus Only
Sprinkling or Pouring Is Sufficient for Baptism
The Lord's Supper May Be Observed Any Day of the Week
Tithing Is the Scriptural Method of Gathering Money
Infants Are Subjects of Bible Baptism
The Bible Is Not the Word of God
We Are Saved by Grace Alone
Jesus Was Just a Man
God Speaks Today Apart from the Bible
Man Comes Back in Another Form After Death
We Can't Understand the Bible
Man Does Not Have an Immortal Soul
God Chose Certain Ones to Be Lost or Saved, Without Involving Their Choice in the Matter
The Holy Spirit Operates Directly on Man, Apart from the Bible
God Is Still Working Miracles Today
Just as Long as You're a Good Person, Nothing Else Matters
Calling the Preacher Pastor, Reverend, Bishop, Father, Etc.
Sabbath Keeping Is Still Binding Today
Observing Special Religious Holidays
The Second Coming of Christ, Including the Establishment of the Eternal Kingdom, the Day of
Judgment, the End of the World, and the Resurrection of the Dead All Occurred in A.D 70
The Doctrine of Transubstantiation
Continual Cleansing
Romans 14 Includes Moral and Doctrinal Differences
Men Today Receive Holy Spirit Baptism
Women Preachers, Elders, Deacons, and the Like
Tongue Speaking Is Possible Today
The Rapture
Baptism for the Dead
Only 144,000 Will Be Saved
There Are Saved People in All Churches
Non-Christians Are Not Subject to God's Marriage Laws
A Put Away Person Guilty of Fornication May Remarry
Upon Being Baptized, a Couple May Remain in an Adulterous Marriage
Divorce Is Permissible for Any Cause
The Believer Forsaken by an Unbeliever Is Free to Remarry
The Doctrine of the Imputation of the Personal Righteousness of Christ to the Christian
Spiritual Gifts Continue Today
Church Membership Is a Matter Separate and Apart from Salvation

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Publisher: Guardian of Truth Foundation
Publication Date: January 1st, 2010
Pages: 52
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