Carl Weber's Kingpins: St. Louis (Mass Market)

Carl Weber's Kingpins: St. Louis By Keisha Ervin Cover Image

Carl Weber's Kingpins: St. Louis (Mass Market)


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The untimely death of St. Louis Kingpin, King David, has left a vacuum in the underworld. He leaves behind his vast empire to his surviving heirs, David Jr. and Davita. Born barely ten minutes apart, they were raised very differently.

David Jr. is college educated. His mother always pushed him to do the best he could so he could one day legitimize and run the East St. Louis crime family. She thinks she’s above and beyond the game. All she wants is the money that she believes she and her son are due. 

She taught Davita a different set of rules. Davita has been raised to use anybody and everything to get that money by any means necessary. She has embraced the business of the streets, and she is ready to ascend to the throne that her father has unexpectedly left behind.

The question remains: will the family ties that bind keep the family together, or will sex, greed, drugs, and their mother’s divisive ways tear it all to hell, bringing St. Louis down with them? David Jr. and Davita have decisions to make!
With her quick wit and charm, Keisha Ervin tells stories of love gained and love lost. Her novels, which have attracted a loyal fan base, include Me & My Boyfriend, Chyna Black, Mina’s Joint, Hold U Down,Torn, Finding Forever, Gunz and Roses, Material Girl and Material Girl 2: Labels and Love. Keisha lives in St. Louis, Missouri. 
Product Details ISBN: 9781601629265
ISBN-10: 1601629265
Publisher: Urban Books
Publication Date: June 25th, 2019
Pages: 304
Language: English
Series: Kingpins