Akka in Action, Second Edition (Paperback)

Akka in Action, Second Edition By Francisco Lopez-Sancho Abraham Cover Image

Akka in Action, Second Edition (Paperback)


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Use Akka to solve the big problems of distributed systems—from multithreading and concurrency, to handling scalability and failure.

Akka in Action, Second Edition is a practical guide to building message-oriented systems with Akka. Extensively revised by Akka contributor and consultant Francisco López-Sancho, this upgraded second edition comes with new coverage of Akka typed, microservices architecture, and more. You’ll learn how to build with Akka actors and why they’re the perfect solution for distributed systems. Driven by practical examples, this book is the perfect guide to creating elastic, resilient, and reactive software with Akka.

Akka in Action, Second Edition teaches you to use the latest version of Akka to solve common problems of distributed systems. Akka contributor Francisco López-Sancho demonstrates Akka’s complex concepts through real-world use cases, including clustering, sharding, persistence, and deploying to Kubernetes. Discover the power of the Actor model, and how to leverage most of the Akka modules to create microservices that are reliable and fault tolerant.

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Francisco Lopez Sancho-Abraham is a senior consultant at Lightbend. He is currently contributing to Akka and helping clients to use it to reach their goals. He has extensive experience providing solutions and training around Akka and distributed architectures.
Product Details ISBN: 9781617299216
ISBN-10: 1617299219
Publisher: Manning
Publication Date: July 18th, 2023
Pages: 435
Language: English
Series: In Action