F# in Action (Paperback)

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F# in Action (Paperback)


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F# is designed to make functional programming practical and accessible, especially for developers working on the .NET platform. This book will get you started.

In F# in Action you will learn how to:
  • Write performant and robust systems with succinct F# code
  • Model domains quickly, easily and accurately with F#’s type system
  • Design solutions using functional programming patterns
  • Ingest and process disparate data sources
  • Develop data-driven web applications
  • Unit test F# code
  • Effectively model data using a variety of techniques
  • Use scripts to rapidly explore domains

F# in Action teaches you the practical F# development skills you need to create professional applications. It’s based on author and Microsoft F# MVP Isaac Abraham’s years of experience working with developers as an F# consultant. You’ll upgrade your .NET development skills with the core principles of functional programming, and discover how F#’s functional-first approach makes it easy to learn this powerful paradigm.

About the technology
F# is a simple, robust, and highly performant programming language. It lets you keep your code simple in even the most complex applications, and its language core is perfect for learning the fundamentals of functional programming. F# runs on .NET, so you can work cross-platform and take advantage of battle-tested .NET components. It’s succinct and flexible—perfect for everything from command line tools, to web apps, to data analysis and machine learning.

About the book
F# in Action swiftly guides you from Functional Programming novice all the way to putting F# applications into production! It leverages your existing knowledge of software development and the .NET platform to get you up-and-running fast. You’ll quickly master the F# you need to start getting stuff done. Learn how you can use scripts to rapidly explore .NET libraries and packages, and level up your .NET skills for data exploration and analysis. You’ll even discover how F#’s “light touch” approach to functional programming ensures error-free code without the complex math you might normally associate with FP.

About the reader
For readers with some experience of software development. Knowledge of .NET is helpful, but not essential.

About the author
Isaac Abraham is an experienced .NET developer and trainer. He's an F# MVP for his contributions to the .NET community.
Isaac Abraham is an experienced .NET developer and trainer. He's an F# MVP for his contributions to the .NET community.
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Publication Date: May 21st, 2024
Pages: 331
Language: English
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