Formulas for Calculating Damages, Second Edition (Paperback)

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Formulas for Calculating Damages, Second Edition (Paperback)


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What's the value of a deceased person, a victim's injuries, a contaminated water well? Formulas for Calculating Damages draws from the fields of law, accounting, economics, and statistics to provide a variety of formulas that help professionalize the practice of law, bolster the quality of advice provided to clients, and generate a more responsibly and skillfully presented case for damages.

These formulas can be applied to thousands of case scenarios and used to informally estimate the value of a case, to negotiate or mediate settlements, or to prove damages in the course of a trial. However, they also serve many other purposes: deciding whether to accept or reject a case, whether to hire an employee or retain a contractor, whether or not to sell a business, etc.

In 20 chapters, Formulas for Calculating Damages addresses basic rules and strategies - including calculating interest, measuring probability, the key rates of return, and financial ratios - and introduces the most fundamental formulas, then applies those formulas to the major practice specialties: personal injury and wrongful death, business cases, employment law, real estate, environmental law, bankruptcy, intellectual prop-erty, and family law. The last chapter provides a detailed examination of the retention of forensic experts and the top rules for using them strategically. Among the changes to this second edition are new Chapter 4 (Speed Math, Estimation, and Memorization) and Chapter 19 (Admiralty and Aviation Law Damages).

Mark S. Guralnick, of Cherry Hill, NJ., has 8 college degrees, multiple specialty certifications, 9 licenses to practice law, 9 published law books and hundreds of published articles.In addition to being licensed as an attorney, he is licensed as a private detective. Mark is also a former investigative news reporter.
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Publication Date: June 7th, 2020
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