FreeBSD Mastery: Zfs (It Mastery #7) (Paperback)

21st-Century Data Storage

ZFS, the fast, flexible, self-healing filesystem, revolutionized data storage. Leveraging ZFS changes everything about managing FreeBSD systems.

With FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS, you'll learn to:

  • understand how your hardware affects ZFS
  • arrange your storage for optimal performance
  • configure datasets that match your enterprise's needs
  • repair and monitor storage pools
  • expand your storage
  • use compression to enhance performance
  • determine if deduplication is right for your data
  • understand how copy-on-write changes everything
  • snapshot filesystems
  • automatically rotate snapshots
  • clone filesystems
  • understand how ZFS uses and manages space
  • do custom FreeBSD ZFS installs

Whether you're a long-term FreeBSD administrator or a new user, FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS will help you simplify storage.
Master ZFS with FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS.

Product Details ISBN: 9781642350005
ISBN-10: 1642350001
Publisher: Tilted Windmill Press
Publication Date: May 21st, 2015
Pages: 234
Language: English
Series: It Mastery