The Peanut Butter Promise: Spreading Hope to Fulfill Your Purpose! (Paperback)

The Peanut Butter Promise: Spreading Hope to Fulfill Your Purpose! By Steve Rose, Craig Culver (Foreword by) Cover Image

The Peanut Butter Promise: Spreading Hope to Fulfill Your Purpose! (Paperback)

By Steve Rose, Craig Culver (Foreword by)


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There is an incredible plan and purpose for your life! There are things only you can do! You have been assigned a mission that only you can complete!

“Read this book and read it slowly to take it all in. You will not be disappointed in The Peanut Butter Promise. If you have been living in the land of almost—almost making the changes you need to make—almost living a life of meaning and purpose, it is time you went from ‘almost’ to ‘all in.’ The Peanut Butter Promise will show you how, and encourage you as well as inspire you to do it.” —Stephen Arterburn, New York Times Bestselling Author and Host of the Nationally Syndicated program New Life Live!

Of the 7.7 billion people inhabiting the earth, there’s only ever been, and will only ever be, one exactly like you! You’re an original, not a copy. You can never be replicated or replaced. You’re essential! What if you were told there was a book that had the potential to turn your life upside down for good?

Through The Peanut Butter Promise, you’ll learn that:
• We’re each born with every talent, ability, gift, and the necessary desire to fulfill a meaningful and unique God-given purpose.
• Just as peanut butter was destined to find jelly and make a great sandwich, Peanut Butter Promise Partners come into our life to help us achieve our DreamGoals, and fulfill our purpose.
• The dreams and desires of our heart—those that are in agreement with our purpose—are meant to come true at the right time.

The time for action is now! You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain by opening this hope and encouragement-filled book!
Steve Rose is a seven-time author, best known for his one-of-a-kind, feel-good book Leap of Faith: God Must Be a Packer Fan. It is historic in that it is the only book to ever combine a professional sports team and faith.

Over the past twenty-five years he has spent over 20,000 hours in research in the field of purpose, personal development, and potential. Currently he tries to spend at least two and a half hours daily in study. Along with this wife Charlene, this includesBible study, devotionals, listening to educational and inspirational audio recordings, and watching inspirational DVDs and appropriate television.

Since 1996, Steve has presented his message of hope and encouragement to thousands of people, doing over 200 Peanut Butter Promise seminars, webinars, keynotes, and other presentations for groups, on campuses and for global-leading corporate brands that include: Kimberly-Clark, American Family Insurance, McDonalds, Oshkosh Truck Corporation, Postal Express, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Semex, and The Salvation Army. One of Charlene and his greatest passions is to speak to audiences.

He has also produced various television shows including the weekly Leap of Faith show that aired in 1998-’99, as well as a thirteen-week national series called Coincidence or Godincidence in 2013. Along with Charlene he produced the powerful half-hour documentary Only 16: Tragedy of 2 Billys in 2017. 
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Publication Date: January 26th, 2021
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"Steve and Charlene Rose are the type of people that once you meet them, you feel like you've known them for a long time. I had the opportunity to speak at one of their Peanut Butter Promise events, and got to feel first hand their warmth and sincerity. This is a wonderful book."
— Craig Culver, Co-found Culver's, est. 1984

"Most people read because they love to learn. We learn the most when a book has five important qualities: 1. authentic author 2. meaningful stories 3. easy to read 4. humor 5. sound advice. The Peanut Butter Promise has them all! Steve Rose shares from the heart what he learned on the rocky road of life, and he has much to teach us." 
— Hal Urban, author of "Life's Greatest Lessons" and "The Power of Good News"

"Steve and Charlene are two of the most dedicated people I have ever met. Their vision is based on life's experiences, both in business and beyond. They give The Peanut Butter Promise its breath and definition." 
— Wayne Larrivee, Green Bay Packers Radio Network

"Steve Rose's fast-moving and inspiring book The Peanut Butter Promise is loaded with great ideas that you can apply immediately to set and achieve all your DreamGoals." 
— Brian Tracy, Author/Speaker "Maximum Achievement"

"Steve has provided a compass for all of us with his inspirational writing that guides and fulfills. His passion and character embrace all he touches. I am so thankful for his work and dedication to helping so unselfishly with the gifts he provides in The Peanut Butter Promise." 
— Kevin Harlan, Announcer, NFL on CBS, NBA on TNT

"I have had the privilege to meet and work with Steve Rose over the years, and I have always been very impressed with his heart and his passion to inspire others. He is a very creative person who knows how to engage others in ways that encourage and build them up. The timing of his work, The Peanut Butter Promise, could not be better as we live in a world where the need to encourage and inspire others has never been more needed." 
— Jay Zollar, General Manager, WLUK FOX 11 / WCWF CW 14

"The best compliment I can give any book is that with each page I look forward to reading more. Steve Rose does that with his book The Peanut Butter Promise. Steve's style of informal story telling kept my interest throughout, and his book is full of encouragement and inspiration for today's world."  
— Bill Grady, Star Communications

"It is interesting how people enter our lives at different times for different reasons and make different impacts. I met Steve a number of years ago and have always been impressed with how he brings his projects to life. His mixture of passion and perseverance is rare, and The Peanut Butter Promise is another shining example of his legacy." 
— Dean Leisgang, Award Winning Journalist/Filmmaker

"I've known Steve for some time, and the positive impact of his work. The Peanut Butter Promise is for anyone who is serious about fulfilling the purpose of their life." 
— Dick Bennett, Coach, Wisconsin Badgers Basketball, NCAA 2000 Final Four

"Steve's uplifting story of tenacity, second chances, motivation and, much more resonated with my sales team. The Peanut Butter Promise is a homerun! It is all-encompassing, touching all aspects of your life. Take back control of your life by putting The Peanut Butter Promise into action!" 
— Francis Costello, President and CEO Postal Source

"What strikes me about the enthusiastically written The Peanut Butter Promise is Steve's use of a 7x7 format. He has written 7 chapters each respectively providing reading and applying one per day for seven weeks provides a small dose of daily refreshment rich in encouragement. The wiser approach is to read one per day seven times per day to make it stick like peanut butter so you can realize your true promise." 
— Kevin McCarthy, Author, "The On-Purpose Person: Making Your Life Make Sense"

"If you've lost faith in a world that seemingly bombards you with negativity, you owe it to yourself to read The Peanut Butter Promise. You have control over your destiny. This book will help you learn how to seize it." 
— Gary D'Amato, three-time Wisconsin Sportswriter of the Year

"I've worked with Steve and am amazed how he can take common, everyday occurrences and shine the light on them! Things happen for a reason, and Steve has a talent for showing people why, and The Peanut Butter Promise does that too." 
— Dayton Kane, Program Director, WKTI Radio

"God gives us all unique gifts and talents that he wants us to use to fulfill our unique purpose in life. The Peanut Butter Promise can help you discover yours, confirm yours, or perhaps give you the desire and hope you need to find yours and live a more fulfilled, blessed and abundant life. There is a lot of wisdom in this book, and a great read for everyone." 
— John Schiek, Owner, Schiek Sports

"Steve and Charlene are passionate, humble, and dedicated people with a wonderful message for all of us, especially our youth. Through The Peanut Butter Promise they have a special way to make all of us feel better about ourselves and to understand our dreams and desires." 
— Mark J. McGinnis, Circuit Court Judge, Outagamie County, Wisconsin

"Steve and Charlene Rose are visionaries, loving people who see the deep meaning in life's everyday moments. God Bless them for their life's mission and for writing The Peanut Butter Promise that will help many people fulfill their purpose." 
— Rob Riedl, President, Endowment Wealth Management

"I first became familiar with author Steve Rose through his Leap of Faith series of books featuring the spiritual lives of famous Green Bay Packer football players. He has always supported, developed and championed the faith of others, and now it's your turn!"
— Michael O. Sajbel, Motion Picture Writer & Director

“Read this book and read it slowly to take it all in. You will not be disappointed in The Peanut Butter Promise. If you have been living in the land of almost—almost making the changes you need to make—almost living a life of meaning and purpose, it is time you went from ‘almost’ to ‘all in.’ The Peanut Butter Promise will show you how, and encourage you as well as inspire you to do it.”
— Stephen Arterburn, New York Times Bestselling Author, and Host of the Nationally Syndicated program New Life Live!

“There’s no other book that I have read, since The Lord called me into the media mission field thirty ago, that touches on all of the themes necessary to fulfill the meaningful unique God-given purpose for each of us using our individual talents, abilities, and giftings. The Peanut Butter Promise is a field manual for discovering your purpose and achieving your dreams.”
— Michael Van Dyck, Founder, Inspired Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

“I have worked with the Roses and their enthusiasm is contagious. Their desire to help others is genuine. The Peanut Butter Promise is a hope-filled reminder that each of us is here for a reason. By using our unique gifts to help others, we can find meaning and joy in a troubled world.”
— Pam Jessen, Operations Director, WBAY-TV

“I’ve known Steve for a long time. He never gives up and excels in having a positive attitude. The Peanut Butter Promise book personifies this and is a must read for those looking to achieve with purpose.”
— Rollie Stephenson, CEO Emeritus, Faith Technologies

“I’ve known Steve for nearly fourteen years. His passion and perseverance is remarkable. The Peanut Butter Promise offers transformative lessons in life. It’s an inspiring work that can make a difference.”
— Justin Pierce, Media Consultant, Los Angeles, CA

“I love the ability of sports to show people they can achieve things maybe even they thought weren’t possible. I love the positive aspects brought out in the training and competition, and The Peanut Butter Promise delivers on that. Well done, Steve and Charlene Rose!”
— Lance Allan, WTMJ Main Sports Anchor and Two-Time Wisconsin “Sportscaster of the Year”

“Simply put, you will not meet two more genuine and caring people than Steve and Charlene Rose. I pray that along with me you’ll catch the message of hope, help, and encouragement they have woven deeply into The Peanut Butter Promise.”
— Dr. Larry Pesch, Executive Director of Advancement Brookfield Academy

“The passion and sincerity that Steve and Charlene Rose share to inspire people and to help each of us fulfill our purpose is incredible. Our YMCA family is extremely proud to support the real life lessons and experiences contained in The Peanut Butter Promise.”
— Bill Breider, President and CEO, YMCA of the Fox Cities

“I’m proud to call Steve and Charlene my friends. When I’m around them, their infectious optimism always gives me a refreshing new perspective. The timing for the faith-building message of The Peanut Butter Promise couldn’t be better. I highly recommend this book.”
— Simran A. Singh of Singh, Singh & Trauben, LLP, Beverly Hills, CA

“Steve and Charlene Rose are both passionate about knowing what God’s Word says, but even more passionate about doing the best they can to live out its truths and share its promises. The Peanut Butter Promise will help guide you down the path to fulfilling your God-given purpose in this life.”
— Sue Stoddart, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Marian University

“Today, more than ever, we need positive and encouraging things in our lives. Steve and Charlene Rose offer practical ideas that can help all of us in The Peanut Butter Promise.”
— Dennis Krause, Green Bay Packers Radio Network

“In The Peanut Butter Promise, Steve shows by example that perseverance and persistence are the winning formula of a life well lived! Read on, and get ready to experience the change you want in your life!”
— Steve Autey, Marketing Executive, Minneapolis, MN

“If you’re looking for a heartwarming, uplifting, positive experience, Steve Rose provides it with The Peanut Butter Promise. He has brought comfort and promise into public view before, and, thankfully, he’s at it again.”
— Michael Bauman, former Sports columnist at the Milwaukee Journal and National Columnist at