Tom Sawyer: A Modern-Day Messenger from God: His Extraordinary Life and Near-Death Experiences (Paperback)

Tom Sawyer: A Modern-Day Messenger from God: His Extraordinary Life and Near-Death Experiences By Rev. Daniel Chesbro, Rev. James Erickson (With) Cover Image

Tom Sawyer: A Modern-Day Messenger from God: His Extraordinary Life and Near-Death Experiences (Paperback)


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• Shares Tom’s profound teachings on life, death, and unconditional love gained through his near-death experiences and direct encounter with the Light

• Includes more than 160 true and remarkable stories about Tom completing his mission to spread God’s Unconditional Love

• Details Tom’s death experiences and how in 2007, when he felt he had fulfilled his mission from God, he consciously left life on Earth

In the early evening of May 23, 1978, while making repairs under his pick-up truck full of firewood, the heavy truck crashed down on Tom Sawyer, crushing his chest flat. A 33-year-old Olympic-trained bike racer and mechanic, Tom was clinically dead. Fifteen minutes later, he came back to life, recounting his strange experience of going through a tunnel, having his life review, and meeting the Light.

Spiritually energized by this experience and endowed with supernatural abilities, Tom demonstrated repeatedly that the reality we believe in is an illusion, that walls are not necessarily barriers, severe health challenges can be healed in a moment, and it is possible to walk on water. During his death experience, Tom was charged by God with a three-part mission: teach that death does not exist, prevent nuclear war, and promote the Order of Melchizedek, in which he became a highly respected teacher.

Through more than 160 remarkable stories, Rev. Daniel Chesbro and Rev. James B. Erickson share Tom’s profound and enlightening insights on life, death, and Unconditional Love. The most complete and in-depth account of the life and teachings of Tom Sawyer, this book reveals Tom as a modern-day messenger of God who returned to life a powerful conduit of Unconditional Love, compelled to create positive change for humanity.
Rev. Daniel Chesbrois an American Baptist minister who founded the worldwide Order of Melchizedek, a modern-day school for prophets, in 1986. Teaching internationally, Chesbro is the author of The Order of Melchizedek and lives in Conesus, New York. Rev. James B. Erickson is a therapist with a deep interest in historical and sacred writings. He was ordained into the Order of Melchizedek 30 years ago and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Rev. James Erickson has the gift of clairsentience. He is a psychic and aura reader as well as a healer. He was ordained into the Order of Melchizedek in 1993. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Product Details ISBN: 9781644115169
ISBN-10: 1644115166
Publisher: Findhorn Press
Publication Date: July 12th, 2022
Pages: 144
Language: English
“It is a privilege to take an inside look at one of the most unique prophets of our time. Chesbro’s personal, long-time friendship with Tom Sawyer offers a glimpse into the mind and supernatural abilities of this Christ-like individual. The life and times of a modern-day saint is a spiritual journey for the reader. Whether it’s bilocation, meditating on the Ganges River, or healing a terminal patient, Tom truly was a gift from God. The reader will travel into another dimension of time and space via the amazing adventures of Tom Sawyer and Dan Chesbro.”
— Mary Grace, parapsychologist, spiritual teacher, and author of The Communion of Saints

“Over the past decade I have had the privilege of sitting at the feet of Rev. Chesbro as he would teach us and tell us the inspiring stories about the wonderful first-hand experiences he had witnessed with Tom Sawyer. I am so happy that he has finally put together this book of more than 160 true stories to enlighten and to inspire anyone who reads them. I highly recommend them to you! This is a book about modern-day miracles.”
— Rev. Gary Nobuo Niki, author of D.I.Y. ZEN and the Art of Gentle Emotional Transformation

“This book is a great gift to humanity. Those who read it will learn the power of choosing ‘love and creativity against a backdrop of greed and ego.’ These stories about Tom Sawyer can open a path to increased hope, healing, peace, prosperity, and joy at this time in the world. I hope you will feel as blessed reading it as I did.”
— Rev. Marta D. Ockuly, Ph.D., humanistic psychologist, educator, researcher, and CEO of Creative Pote

“Rev. Chesbro and Rev. Erickson have collaborated to present a compelling and easy-to-read narrative of what one person did to positively affect so many others and even the entire world. I found myself drawn in and continually delighted to learn how Thomas Joseph Sawyer was tuned in to the contract he had on Earth with the Creator and how he followed the guidance that he intuited. Sawyer demonstrated that death doesn’t exist, prevented nuclear war on numerous occasions, and served as a bridge between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. This exploration of the life of Thomas Joseph Sawyer is among the best.”
— Jerry J. Wellik, Ed.D., professor emeritus of special education and master healer of Ericksonian hyp