Four Flags: The Indigenous People of Great Britain: DNA, History and the Right to Existence of the Native Inhabitants of the Briti (Paperback)

Four Flags: The Indigenous People of Great Britain: DNA, History and the Right to Existence of the Native Inhabitants of the Briti Cover Image
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New Fifth Edition. Includes Appendices The "Black-Skinned" Cheddar Man Hoax and The "Multi-Ethnic Ancient London Lie." This work combines the most up-to-date genetic research and the established historical record to conclusively prove that:

(a) There is a clearly definable indigenous population in Britain;

(b) That, in terms the United Nations Charter on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and other internationally accepted conventions protecting the rights of indigenous peoples, the British people qualify fully for protected status; and

(c) That this United Nations Organisation-mandated protection specifically includes the right of the British people to be protected from the destruction of their identity through mass immigration, integration or genetic assimilation.

The genetic make-up of the British people is then discussed, including an easy-to-understand explanation of

- How people can be identified and linked to specific areas using modern genetics;

- How genetic evidence shows that the vast majority--between 70 and 80%--of all British people have ancestors going back to the end of the last mini ice age;

- How genetic evidence shows that the Celtic, Roman, Viking/Danish and Norman conquests had almost negligible impact upon the British people;

- How genetic evidence has shown that even the much-reputed Anglo-Saxon invasions did not cause any mass population replacement within the British Isles.

Next, this work reviews the claims for Indigenous status of four of the most well-known indigenous peoples of the world: the M ori in New Zealand, the Aborigines in Australia, the Tibetan people in Tibet and the Indians in North America. All of these people either have officially protected status, or, in the case of the Tibetans, are the subject of international campaigns to ensure their right to self-determination and protection against assimilation and physical overwhelming by the Han Chinese.

Finally, this book shows how, in terms of the UN definitions used to define the indigenous status of these four above-mentioned study groups (specifically their genetic unity, and the length of time they have been resident in their own territories before the advent of foreign settlers), the British people qualify several times over for protected status.

In fact, the British people have been resident in their own territory for thousands of years, as compared to, for example, the M oris, who have been resident in New Zealand less than 800 years.

It concludes by pointing out that the current mass Third World immigration invasion of Britain (and indeed, all of Europe) is therefore a contravention of all the internationally-accepted declarations on the rights of indigenous peoples.

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ISBN: 9781644404126
ISBN-10: 1644404125
Publisher: Ostara Publications
Publication Date: August 30th, 2018
Pages: 88
Language: English

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