The Psychology of Character Building for Authors (Paperback)

The Psychology of Character Building for Authors By Letitia Washington Cover Image

The Psychology of Character Building for Authors (Paperback)


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You don't need a Master's Degree in Psychology to make your characters pop off the page All you need is this book.

Author Letitia Washington achieved her Master's Degree in Psychology while writing fiction. In her studies, she recognized the benefits of analyzing and understanding her characters as if they were actual people sitting on her couch. Now, she's sharing her expertise and method with fellow authors Her step-by-step guide will teach you how to apply psychological practices directly to your storytelling.

At the core of developing believable characters is the understanding that they are real people (or other types of beings) with deep thoughts, complex emotions, and unique personalities. They have visions and dreams separate from the author, but it's still up to the author to know what how they would react to any situation. Writers owe it to their readers to present compelling characters authentically. This book was created for just that purpose.

The Psychology of Character Building for Authors will teach you:

- Foundational principles, character demographics, GMC, and archetypes

- Chief Emotional Themes and psychological theories of the character development process

- How to conduct a 'therapy session' for your characters to identify their goals, motivations, conflicts

- A guided system to inject your findings naturally into a story of any length

- Important psychological tools paired with helpful worksheets to go even deeper with your characters

- Tips and tricks to assure that every character your write meets your reader's expectations of quality

Get ready to know your characters inside and out Your readers will be captivated by their sincerity from 'Page 1' all the way to 'The End'

Product Details ISBN: 9781644506820
ISBN-10: 1644506823
Publisher: Accomplishing Innovation Press
Publication Date: December 29th, 2022
Pages: 162
Language: English