The Global Innovator: How Nations Have Held and Lost the Innovative Edge (Hardcover)

The Global Innovator: How Nations Have Held and Lost the Innovative Edge By Hesham Hafez, Lipartito Phd Kenneth, Patricia Watson Cover Image

The Global Innovator: How Nations Have Held and Lost the Innovative Edge (Hardcover)


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What makes a society innovative?

Tracing the story of five great civilizations, from
ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, to the Middle East, Europe, the United States
and China, this book will tell you. History offers us a model and lessons for
what can be done right, and it shows how once mighty and innovative societies
can fall. The story here departs from pundits who believe that the Western or
American-style political and legal system is uni-versally best for economic
success. At various times China, the Middle East and elsewhere were the great
engines of innovation; later leadership passed to Europe and the United States.
As some places rose to the top of science and technology, others fell away. And
some, like China, rose again.

The lessons of history are clear. Centers of innovation
learn from and borrow ideas, prac-tices and technologies from elsewhere. They
adapt ideas and practices to add new value. They activate strengths of their
population through education, cultural openness, and access to financial
resources. They build strong institutions that pursue new knowledge and reject
orthodoxy. At a time when the world seems to be closing doors to the talented
and pulling back from global engagement, when suspicion of the foreign is
running high, we may be losing the essential traits that make for innovation,
the most important of all assets for the future of the human race.

HESHAM HAFEZ, PhD is a businessman and entrepreneur who has lived, worked, and studied around the world in diverse societies ranging from Egypt toAustria, Dubai, Malaysia, and China. A graduate of Harvard Business School'sOwner- President Management Program, he speaks to audiences of business andpolitical leaders in multiple countries. KENNETH LIPARTITO, PhD is an author and editor of seven books, is Professor of History at Florida International University in Miami andpresident of The Business History Group ( His award-winningwritings include A History of the Kennedy Space Center and CorporateResponsibility: The American Experience. He has lectured around the world andis a member of the Innovation, Equity, and the Future of Prosperity team at theCanadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR). PATRICIA WATSON, PhD is a historian with expertise in popularhistory, medical history, family history, and oral history who works acrossmany different media platforms, including illustrated books, exhibits, videos, and websites. Among her books are The Front Line in the War Against HIV/AIDS: CaseStudies from the African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnerships; Henry Schein: AHistory of Success; Building Values and Traditions: One Hundred Years ofCoopers & Lybrand; Crane: 150 Years Together.
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