Learn French In Your Car: How To Learn French Fast While Driving To Work (Paperback)

Learn French In Your Car: How To Learn French Fast While Driving To Work By Florence Beaujolie Cover Image

Learn French In Your Car: How To Learn French Fast While Driving To Work (Paperback)


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Do you consider yourself a lifelong learner, always wanting to improve yourself with new skills and information?

Have you always loved traveling and really immersing yourself in the culture of your destination?

Or maybe you are looking to improve your career by winning the next promotion or a completely new international opportunity?

Learning French can help you in all of these ways, and this beginner guide will give you a head start on this fulfilling learning journey.

Learning a new language as a hobby, like French, can be incredibly satisfying.

You are learning a new skill, deepening your mind by learning about a new culture, and exercising your memory.

But, did you ever realize that learning French can be a game-changer?

As one of the most widely used languages in the world, the ability to speak French can offer new career opportunities as business becomes more global.

Having a second language, whether you are fluent or confident in your basic speaking skills, is becoming the thing that sets you apart from your competition.

If that's the case, what are you waiting for?

In addition to the career, educational, and travel perks that come with learning a new language, studies have shown the additional benefits of language learning on brain capacity.

The 2016 University of Edinburgh study "Novelty, Challenge, and Practice: The Impact of Intensive Language Learning on Attentional Functions" published in PLOS ONE, found that even short periods of studying a language helps improve focus and attention.

With this guide, you will find:

  • The most effective (i.e., simple and fast) method to learning the basics of everyday French, even if you think of yourself as a slow learner
  • How learning French will open up amazing travel opportunities for you all over the world, not only in France
  • Dozens of exercises (with answers) included, so you don't need to make them up yourself, providing everything you need in one, convenient place
  • How you can improve yourself and expand your view of the world, just by learning French
  • The most useful topics you will need as your French-speaking foundation in order to master the language
  • An easy-to-use verb guide and how to use them - sometimes the most complicated part of learning a language, made easy
  • How to win over the French people and immerse yourself in travel - wherever you go
  • The 3 essential tips you need to know to speed up your learning and perfect your pronunciation

Maybe you are learning French for fun because you're going on your first trip to Paris. Or you are taking up a new hobby and finally learning another language. Perhaps you want to improve yourself by gaining the competitive edge in your career.

Either way, you need a method that is fast, easy, and accessible, because we are all busy and we are pulled in a million different directions.

Whatever your goal may be, learning French can be easy, fulfilling, and fun with this guide. Start your French journey today by clicking "Add to Cart"

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Publication Date: December 11th, 2019
Pages: 144
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