Adachi and Shimamura (Light Novel) Vol. 7 (Paperback)


Summer break is coming to an end, and Adachi and Shimamura are headed back to school—as a newly minted couple! It’s taken them a while to come this far, but the road ahead is still bumpy as they try to figure out this whole dating business. What will the new semester bring?
Hitoma Iruma is a Japanese author who penned the popular Adachi and Shimamura franchise, the Bloom Into You light novel spin-off, and the light novel series behind the anime Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl.

Non is a Japanese artist best known for manga such as Jyoshiken and the illustrations for the Adachi and Shimamura light novels.
Product Details ISBN: 9781648273650
ISBN-10: 1648273653
Publisher: Airship
Publication Date: November 16th, 2021
Pages: 278
Language: English
Series: Adachi and Shimamura (Light Novel)