You Are Me (Paperback)

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You Are Me (Paperback)


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If you need hope, you need to read this book. You Are Me is a fascinating, heartening true story of one person's journey from becoming crippled with amnesia by a car accident to recovering and becoming a parent to children who each needed a second chance at life.

Our protagonist had the life he had always dreamed of-a great job, a partner, a nice home, and a great set of friends-a life many people dream of. At twenty-seven, a car accident left him severely handicapped and unable to remember his life before the car accident. The situation became worse when he was sent back to live with his parents in Alaska. Dealing with the unimaginable loss almost ended his life.

Miracles happen when you least expect them. After seven years of trying, failing, giving up, and trying again, our protagonist eventually recovered much of what the car accident took away. He eventually got a job that he was able to keep, and with that came an amazing second chance at life. Because of this second chance, he was compelled to adopt children who also needed second chances. He adopted twins, then got married, and then together with husband, Joseph, adopted more children.

These children came bearing the signs of unspeakable trauma. What had happened to them? No one knew. Four other families had taken them in and decided they couldn't be parents to these children. Would these kids be able to recover from the damage that was done to their souls? Would these parents be able to love these children unconditionally? An event so implausible then threatens to tear apart the fragile family. Will the children ever have the family they so desperately need? Would there be a miracle for the children?

Product Details ISBN: 9781662448171
ISBN-10: 1662448171
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: August 4th, 2021
Pages: 176
Language: English