Remember More: Your Complete Guide to Remembering Names, Increase Memory Retention, and Focusing Better (Paperback)

Remember More: Your Complete Guide to Remembering Names, Increase Memory Retention, and Focusing Better By James Stephenson Cover Image

Remember More: Your Complete Guide to Remembering Names, Increase Memory Retention, and Focusing Better (Paperback)


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The one warning sign to look out for that will lead to the demise of your confidence, and how to stop it.

Do you often feel as if there's a brick wall in your brain, barricading the important thoughts you need at that moment for immediate use?

You go to the supermarket, for example, prepared with a mental list of all the items you need for the coming week. You walk into the store and... boom.

It's gone. Your well-thought-out list vanished into thin air.

You stop in your tracks and stare at the fresh produce section, your cart getting in the way of other rushed shoppers, feeling like a fool.

You may ask yourself in pity: Why do I have such bad memory?

The chances are it's not your memory that's bad, it's just your brain that is in need of training.

Just like you would train your body to become more physically fit for running X distance or climbing X mountain, you also need to train your brain to retrieve your thoughts and memories more efficiently.

Your brain may just be a bit out of shape, but that's nothing to be alarmed by. Knowing exactly how to train your brain will get you in tip-top form in no time.

In Remember More, you will discover:

  • The concealed memory-training strategies experts use to enhance their brain capacity to its fullest
  • How understanding the inner workings of your mind will help you recognize what steps to take in improving your memory
  • Why forgetting information can actually be beneficial for your memory
  • What memory techniques work best for your brain's preferred way of grasping information
  • 3 memory tests to help you check your brain performance and steer you in the right direction for improvement
  • The biggest threat to your memory retention and how you can overcome it
  • Why there isn't a "one size fits all" solution when it comes to training your brain for efficiency

And much more.

These exercises and techniques are nothing like the study skills you've been taught in school. These are used by professional memory recollectors to remember even the smallest of details.

If 5-year-old Edith Fuller can become the youngest contestant in the history of national spelling bees by practicing and learning from her mistakes, then it's also possible for you to take on the same mindset and improve your memory skills.

Even if you think trying is hopeless and that you're terrible at remembering solely because you were not "blessed with the right genes," that is simply not true. With guidance through these fool-proof exercises, anyone will be able to benefit from them and experience the confidence it can bring you.

In fact, after just 2 weeks, you will begin to notice a significant difference in the way you recall memories, allowing you to see yourself as a memory whiz rather than feeling like someone who's "lesser than."

Experience what your brilliant brain is capable of and bulldoze that brick wall down, stepping over the debris and into the world that is your mind's boundless abilities.

If you are tired of feeling helpless and want to sharpen your memory and feel unstoppable, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now.
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Publication Date: November 5th, 2019
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