Beyond Joy: A Journey into Freedom, Power, Wisdom and Well-being (Paperback)

Beyond Joy: A Journey into Freedom, Power, Wisdom and Well-being By Tricia Jeane Croyle Cover Image

Beyond Joy: A Journey into Freedom, Power, Wisdom and Well-being (Paperback)


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What if your life is a fairy tale waiting to be written by you? 2nd in The Joy Series, This book will guide you in learning how to let go of the belief that struggle and hard work are necessary as a means to success, how to make choices from wisdom and power and how to wave your magic want as if it were a magic wand at the universe. This book is for you if you want to act as a conscious creator and manifestor. You want to broadcast your authentic light with fun, magic and Joy. You want to make choices based on the wisdom of your heart, to hear clearly and live a powerful and energetic life filled with freedom caring, presence and wonder. Beyond Joy was written for people who are: ● Lacking in self-esteem or personal power ● Living with anxiety about the future ● Struggling with juggling all of life's experiences ● Tired of not getting what you want fast enough ● Yearning for financial freedom ● Fearful about speaking your truth because people won't like you ● Afraid of making the wrong decision or of doing the wrong thing Transformation happens with intentional action. When we detach from struggle, fear of bad decision-making, and the false beliefs that we hold about ourselves and the world, we can begin to live beyond the stories of our past and live an energetic life filled with ease, vitality, power and abundance. When you adopt the practices from this book, you will have the tools to live an authentic life without the distractions of living the life that someone else has defined. You will value yourself. You will have more energy, power, presence, freedom and fun. You will have the freedom to design a life beyond conditional happiness, with a greater capacity for ease, magic and Joy. And maybe even a life beyond that... Beyond Joy is a celebration of one woman's journey beyond Joy It is one-part experiential wisdom, one-part spiritual adventure filled with visions, journeys, and dreams, and one-part techniques. It identifies 12 new aspects of God Source, all of which, like spokes on a wheel, afford a path inward to self-discovery, at the center of our being. Join Tricia as she shares her experience as she journeys down each of those paths. Start reading when you order your paperback copy today.

Product Details ISBN: 9781733050913
ISBN-10: 1733050914
Publisher: Tricia Croyle
Publication Date: June 19th, 2019
Pages: 262
Language: English