Finding VaJoyJoy: An illustrated story about a nonbinary vulva's self-discovery (Paperback)

Finding VaJoyJoy: An illustrated story about a nonbinary vulva's self-discovery By Csc Heather Edwards Pt Cover Image

Finding VaJoyJoy: An illustrated story about a nonbinary vulva's self-discovery (Paperback)


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Heather Edwards' Finding VaJoyJoy is a story for ages 15+ about a nonbinary vulva named VaJoyJoy who's on a journey to unlearn negative societal messages and replace them with education about anatomy, pleasure, and consent. For sex-positive families, this book may be appropriate for kids younger than 15 with supportive adult guidance and pre-screening. The content around societal expectations, shame, and sexuality could be challenging for a younger audience.

In this first book, VaJoyJoy tells us her story of finding joy after breaking free from negative gender norms and expectations. She presents the reader with the lessons she collected from her research.

As a sex educator, Heather Edwards (she/they) works to create space that is sex-positive and queer-centric. She strives to unlearn heteronormativity, ableism, fatphobia, cis-sexism, misogyny, and white supremacy. Heather holds gender creativity as a core understanding of how humans exist. They do not believe anyone should be required to fit into the sadly slim selection of societal boxes.

This book (ironically about the other kind of boxes), is part of their solution.

How do we smash patriarchy?

We live outside its rules. Invite others to join us in seeing those rules as the oppressive system that they are. Say, "No, I choose love." Celebrate people who are living outside the rules and cherish the glimmering light of authenticity that their bold actions gift us.

Simply said, we OPT OUT of patriarchy in all the ways we can.

VaJoyJoy has opted out.

Much love to you and your own, personal VaJoyJoy.

What people are saying about VaJoyJoy:

"Playful and informative This book is perfect for educators, parents, and everyone connected to a vagina in any way "
- Tikva Wolf, relationship educator and author of "Kimchi Cuddles"

"When I started having my period, my mother wordlessly left a package of pads hidden in the bathroom closet and a book entitled, Take the High Road, in the little reading rack near the toilet. That was it. A box of enormous cotton pads that made me feel like I was riding a horse and a religious book about abstinence. Fast forward many decades. Having just read Heather Edwards' latest book, Finding VaJoyJoy, I feel educated about my own body in ways I never have before. This inclusive, clear, approachable, and fun look at crotch anatomy freed from gender norms-and all that happens down there-should be required reading for anyone with a body that has a crotch. I'm especially thankful for the ways that VaJoyJoy, the little nonbinary vulva in the book, can help all of us break out of the patterns of patriarchy that keep reinforcing old gender norms. As the mom of a trans kid, this is so welcomed. And so needed."
- Patti Digh, author of "Life is a Verb" and other books

"Finding VaJoyJoy is such an important and powerful book that highlights the fact that there are so many variations in genital anatomy and ways for a vulva owner to explore and understand their own unique anatomy. The book is beautifully illustrated and a JOY to read. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who has a vulva or who wants to learn more about them."
-Tracy Sher, Founder/CEO, Pelvic Guru LLC/Pelvic Global

"What a delightful, helpful, inclusive read I highly recommend this book for anyone with a vulva. Heather's little book tackles a very big job of providing a much-needed sex re-education. It is adorable, accessible, and incredibly informative. Heather does their part in smashing patriarchal lies about one of the most important body parts on the human body. As a sex therapist, I am grateful to have this resource to pass along to my patients to reinforce positive messages and information about their bodies."
-Jamie Brazell, LMFT, CST

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Product Details ISBN: 9781734721720
ISBN-10: 1734721723
Publisher: Heather Edwards
Publication Date: February 1st, 2022
Pages: 46
Language: English