Telephone: Essays in Two Voices (Paperback)

Telephone: Essays in Two Voices By Brenda Miller, Julie Marie Wade Cover Image

Telephone: Essays in Two Voices (Paperback)


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TELEPHONE is, for me, a stellar example of what can be achieved in collaborative work where two voices figure out how to link connective threads that bring out the best in each of their words, images, and narrative flourishes. This is a real gift of a book, one I hope to keep learning from.

--Hanif Abdurraqib

Miller and Wade's TELEPHONE is a polyphonic emergency. These divinely nostalgic and politely oracular essays--are they essays? watch them essai--pursue the maximum boundaries of genre, and there, in the peripheries, together, we reach into our pockets to read their decoded message: I love.

--Lily Hoang

Wade and Miller's collaborative essay collection, TELEPHONE, stretches the possibilities of the form, creating a kind of thought puzzle that you're happy to never truly solve. Their voices bounce and blend, weave and bob, in a way that seems almost impossible and magical. TELEPHONE is a testament to the power of voice and the beauty of collaborative art.--Steven Church

TELEPHONE is unusual, thoughtful and compelling. The two voices together are clever, passionate, entertaining and intriguing. TELEPHONE pushes the boundaries and demonstrates the power and potential of the creative nonfiction genre.--Lee Gutkind

Miller and Wade's marvelous TELEPHONE takes the ordinary--cars, exercise, toys, sex--and elevates it to the extraordinary. Each subject is subjected to lyrical rendering and astonishing interpretation. TELEPHONE stuns us with its burnished music, its use of form, and its brilliant musings on seemingly quotidian subjects. In these twin-voiced essays is a celebration of narrative's thrall, but also a liberation blueprint that frees us from the tyranny of a single self, a single story.--James Allen Hall

Literary Nonfiction.

Product Details ISBN: 9781734816730
ISBN-10: 1734816732
Publisher: Cleveland State University Poetry Center
Publication Date: October 5th, 2021
Pages: 168
Language: English