Heal For Real: A Guided Journal to Forgiving Others—and Yourself (Paperback)

Heal For Real: A Guided Journal to Forgiving Others—and Yourself By Shannon Moroney Cover Image

Heal For Real: A Guided Journal to Forgiving Others—and Yourself (Paperback)


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The power of forgiveness can be yours.

From bestselling author, mental health expert, restorative justice advocate, and trauma survivor Shannon Moroney comes a transformative tool to guide and support you along the life-changing journey to forgiveness.

Informed by over a decade of work providing individual therapy and facilitating forgiveness retreats and workshops across a wide spectrum of settings—from large city conferences to tiny fly-in Arctic communities—Heal For Real walks you through a proven curriculum that has helped thousands to make peace with the past, and achieve post-traumatic growth.

Through hands-on activities, reflections, and inspirational stories and quotes, Moroney takes you through the steps of defining what forgiveness means—and doesn’t mean—to you, and provides practical strategies that will help you offer and receive it. Along the way, you’ll also gain insight from the forgiveness journeys of incredible individuals—including Shannon’s own path toward forgiveness, following violent crimes committed by her first husband.

Above all, you’ll be supported in a highly personal, individualized journey of healing. Whether what happened was Big T trauma or little t trauma, whether you were hurt or did the hurting, Heal For Real will guide you to understand and bring forgiveness into your life—in a way that’s right for you.

SHANNON MORONEY, B.A., B.Ed., M.A., R.S.W., is the author of two bestselling memoirs: Through the Glass (2011), her own story following the violent crimes of her first husband; and Out of the Shadows (2019), the story of human trafficking survivor Timea Nagy. Both are published worldwide. Shannon is also an internationally recognized advocate of restorative justice, a powerful speaker, one of the “world’s 50 most resilient people” (Global Resilience Project), a New York Times “Woman in the World” recommended writer, and is featured by the International Forgiveness Project. She travels extensively to lead transformative forgiveness and healing retreats for people and communities overcoming trauma, and to keynote justice and mental health conferences. Shannon is a registered social worker and trauma therapist specialized in treating survivors of sexual assault and trafficking, as well as family members of sex offenders. She has provided expert testimony in court, consultation on crime bills, and she supports attorneys and journalists to pursue trauma-informed practices to survivors of sex crimes. In 2019, Shannon launched a line of empathy-building greeting cards called #FindTheWords. Proceeds from these cards go to support her on-the-land healing programs for survivors. View and order these cards at www.etsy.com/ca/shop/FindtheWordsCards

Shannon Moroney lives in Toronto, Canada. She is the founder and clinical director of Shannon Moroney & Associates, Inc., “Supporting your journey to post-traumatic growth”. Discover more at www.shannonmoroneyassociates.com and visit Shannon at www.shannonmoroney.com

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Publication Date: January 4th, 2022
Pages: 208
Language: English

"In a world on fire with violence, injustice, racism, hatred, anger and revenge, Shannon Moroney's guided journal to forgiveness is at once soothing and stimulating—an essential tool for individual, community and global healing."
—Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, author of I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor's Journey

"This beautiful book will support you on a journey to understanding yourself. You'll learn how changing the stories you tell yourself can change your world. Shannon Moroney shares her own experiences and explores the potential of forgiveness to transform your life. Heal for Real is a guidebook for traumatized souls." —Rachel Bird, Director of The Forgiveness Project

Heal for Real offers a crystal-clear road map to forgiveness. Every person is unique, and Heal for Real helps the reader see the path ahead and remain in control. A well-crafted, brilliantly organized book” —Marina Nemat, author of international bestseller Prisoner of Tehran. She served as a board member of the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture for six years.

"Forgiveness is incredibly complex and difficult, and there are not many experts who can guide us through the process. With this journal, Shannon Moroney does just that, forcing us to confront and feel our feelings in the most comforting way possible, so we can heal." —Charise Jewell, author of Crazy: Memoir of a Mom Gone Mad