My Pleasure: An Intimate Guide to Loving Your Body and Having Great Sex (Hardcover)

My Pleasure: An Intimate Guide to Loving Your Body and Having Great Sex By Laura Delarato Cover Image

My Pleasure: An Intimate Guide to Loving Your Body and Having Great Sex (Hardcover)


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Practice pleasure as a form of self-care with this empowering, accessible, and inclusive guide to loving your body and your sex life.

"My Pleasure gives us what so many of us really need: an invitation to look inward, to accept ourselves, and to ask hard questions. This precious book is one part tactical guide, one part deep soul search." –Virgie Tovar, author of The Body Positive Journal and You Have the Right to Remain Fat, and founder of Babecamp and #LoseHateNotWeight

This sumptuously illustrated guide will empower you to explore your body and cultivate a satisfying sex life no matter your relationship status. In these pages, body image advocate and sexual wellness expert Laura Delarato teaches that sexual pleasure is an essential form of self-care, and it begins with loving your body and yourself. With a no-holds-barred approach, this engaging bedside book tackles everything from self-confidence to solo play and partner play, including:

• How to quiet your inner critic and embrace your body as it is
• How to take amazing nudes
• What sex toy is best for you and your body
• How to experiment with different forms of kink
• How to set boundaries in any situationship

Brimming with practical tips, sensual activities, and lush visuals throughout, My Pleasure is a must-have handbook for anyone who seeks a self-determined, pleasure-filled life.

ON TREND: Things that were once considered taboo—like sex toys and women's pleasure—are now commonplace in mainstream media. My Pleasure speaks to the growing number of people who are embracing their sexuality and their size, and who want to speak openly and frankly about their body and their needs.

INCLUSIVE: This book is inclusive to people of all genders, sexualities, abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Everyone is welcome here.

PERENNIAL TOPIC: Regardless of what's happening in the world, people will always be having sex, in all its forms. This book is packed with encouraging reminders, practical information, and playful activities that teach readers how to accept and love themselves more fully, and prioritize their pleasure as a form of self-care—because everyone deserves that.

Perfect for:

• Fans of the sexual wellness and body positivity movement
• Readers of Goop, Refinery29, Come As You Are, and The Body Is Not An Apology
• Followers of body image advocates like Tess Holliday, Katie Sturino, Jessamyn Stanley, and Lizzo
Laura Delarato is a body image advocate, sexual wellness educator, and writer. Her essays, written work, and art have appeared in Condé Nast Traveler, Coveteur, The Cut, Healthyish, Travel & Leisure, Men's Health, Refinery29, Allure, and, and have been featured by sex tech companies like Dame Products, Le Wand, and b-Vibe. She writes erotica for the sex-positive magazine Aurore. Laura's weekly newsletter Hey Laura speaks to her experience with sex, pleasure, fatness, anxiety, and beauty. She has been a brand ambassador for companies such as Universal Standard, Eloquii, Dia & Co, Loop Social, ClassPass, and more. In her 9 to 5, Laura is a creative director working on branded content and publisher advertising for Vox Media, and previously Refinery29. She lives in New York.

Amber Vittoria is an award-winning artist based in New York City. Her work draws on her relationship to femininity, anxiety, and societal expectations. She has collaborated with brands, such as NBC, Warby Parker, Gucci, the New York Times, and Instagram.
Product Details ISBN: 9781797210742
ISBN-10: 1797210742
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: March 29th, 2022
Pages: 240
Language: English
“So many of us are taught to hide from our own bodies—finding self-love and learning how to use our bodies for our own pleasure can be a daunting task. Laura makes it easy by acting as a friendly guide, offering a captivating mix of personal stories, guided activities, sexual health tips, and more. She helps us all discover our own pleasure and achieve deep growth in the most beautiful way.” —Tess Holliday, body positive pioneer, activist, and author

“My Pleasure is more than a book about sex and more than a self-help book about how to love your body. It’s a powerful and potent bible for anyone looking to prioritize their pleasure in all ways and have the best sex possible while they do so. In My Pleasure, Laura’s radical honesty, humor, vulnerability, and vibrancy shine through in each word and exercise, making this a true joy to read and experience. I can’t recommend this book enough to anyone looking to create an intentional and invigorating relationship with their own sexuality.” —Gabriela Herstik, author of Inner Witch, Bewitching the Elements, and Sacred Sex

“Laura’s book should be required reading for anyone who has sex—either with themselves or with others. She brings both her expertise and her relatable voice to her book, providing us with a modern sex manual that reframes pleasure as a form of self-care. Whether you have a collection of toys in your nightstand or are just trying to figure out how to connect to your partner more during sex, My Pleasure maps a course for you without condescending. I can’t wait to share it with my friends.” —Maria Del Russo, author of Simple Acts of Love

“Reading My Pleasure was a motivational guide for getting to know myself better. We all struggle with feelings of shame, fear, and discomfort in our bodies, but Laura’s honest first-person anecdotes and real pieces of advice were a helpful reminder that we are all a work in progress and that loving ourselves first is the most important thing. Great for the bedside and full of beautiful illustrations to boot.” —Julia Rothman, illustrator, author of the Anatomy series, and co-author of Every Body

“If you’ve ever thought as an adult, “The Care and Keeping of You did not prepare me for this,” this book for you. My Pleasure is a therapy session, sleepover, and stroll through an adult toy store rolled into one with the coolest queer, fat Brooklyn babe as your guide. I didn’t realize how many opportunities to feel good I’ve been letting go untapped!” —Sean Taylor from The Circle on Netflix

“It’s like Laura Delarato is your older sister, who has done all the work to find true pleasure in life and then written you a guide. My Pleasure is a playful exploration of your own identity through poignant questions and activities.”

Al Fine, CEO of Dame Products

“Laura connects body love to a great sex life. I’ve been waiting my entire goddamn life for a guide to sexual pleasure that starts with body acceptance. Yes, My Pleasure! Thank you! So many books about sexual pleasure are mechanical guides full of glossy pictures that reinforce fatphobic, racist, ableist beauty standards. My Pleasure gives us what so many of us really need: an invitation to look inward, to accept ourselves, and to ask hard questions. This precious book is one part tactical guide, one part deep soul search. Chef's kiss! I literally could NOT resist journaling my heart out as I read My Pleasure. I absolutely love when that happens!”

Virgie Tovar, body image advocate and founder of Babecamp and #LoseHateNotWeight