The Best Potato Cookbook for Beginners: How to Cook Potatoes in 100 Different Ways (Paperback)

The Best Potato Cookbook for Beginners: How to Cook Potatoes in 100 Different Ways By Terry Grant Cover Image

The Best Potato Cookbook for Beginners: How to Cook Potatoes in 100 Different Ways (Paperback)


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The potato diet is one of the carbohydrate-rich mono-diets, i.e. a diet that consists almost or exclusively of a certain food. There are different variations of the potato diet. They all have in common the main consumption of potatoes, often in combination with eggs or quark. With some diet variants, low-fat vegetables, salad or some fruit are also allowed. In addition to the high intake of potatoes, the low-fat preparation of the dishes is the most important characteristic of the potato diet.

This is how the potato diet works

One kilogram of low-fat potatoes and - depending on the variant - 100 grams of quark or three eggs end up on the plate every day with the potato diet. The combination of potatoes with quark or egg results in a high biological value. This means that the body can absorb and use the protein it contains particularly well. This in turn ensures long-lasting satiety. At the same time, the potassium contained in the potato removes more water from the body. So you lose the first pounds quickly - a point win for the potato.

Potato diet: why the potato is healthy

Potatoes look inconspicuous, but the tuber contains many healthy ingredients: It is rich in vitamins C and B, contains folic acid, copper, phosphate and sulfur. Due to the high potassium content, potatoes have a dehydrating effect.

The long-chain carbohydrates in potatoes are slowly broken down during the digestion process - therefore the tubers keep you full for a long time and prevent cravings. In addition, potatoes hardly contain any fat, but they contain high-quality protein, which can be converted relatively easily into the body's protein.

The best (because they have the lowest calories) ways to prepare potatoes as diet food are potatoes cooked in the oven, jacket potatoes, and potatoes cooled down again. Toppings with low-fat quark or cr me l g re as well as fresh garden herbs or small chopped raw vegetables such as cucumber, celery or carrots provide variety and provide additional vitamins and minerals.

If you don't want to do without the crispy variations, sprinkle pre-cooked potato wedges with a few drops of olive oil and then grill them in the oven until golden brown. French fries and fried potatoes have been deleted without replacement, as

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