Migration, Sexuality and Sexual Health (Paperback)

Migration, Sexuality and Sexual Health By Samuel Muraguri Muchoki Cover Image

Migration, Sexuality and Sexual Health (Paperback)


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In the face of adversity, refugees are forced to flee their usual places of residence and seek asylum in other countries. During such periods, many refugees are uprooted from their familiar ways of life. Besides experiencing violence during war or when fleeing to countries of asylum (Horn, 2010a, 2010b; International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, 1999; Ossome, 2010; Pittaway, 2004), some people are separated from relatives and friends, and thus experience a breakdown of social networks that usually provide support (Cernea, 1991; Matsuoka & Sorenson, 1999; Rousseau et al., 2001; Schweitzer et al., 2006). The period after displacement is usually marked by uncertainties, since refugees find it difficult to plan for their lives until they return home, obtain adequate support in countries of asylum, or settle permanently in another country.

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