World War II Combat Reconnaissance Tactics (Elite) (Paperback)

Osprey's study of reconnaisance tactics of World War II (1939-1945). Combat reconnaissance, the practice of sending small groups of soldiers ahead of the main body of forces was employed by all of the major armies in World War II. They would either creep through the landscape or speed through enemy territory in light armored vehicles or jeeps, bristling with machine guns, to report on the position and strength of the enemy.

This book examines the often risky tactics and their devastating casualty rates. The equipment employed by combat reconnaissance groups during the war is investigated as are the rapid changes in tactics that resulted from operational failures, and the requirements of differing terrain and operational theaters, which saw reconnaissance forces use a range of transport from horses to boats and light tanks. Taking into account the improving radio technology available to both Axis and Allied reconnaissance forces, Gordon L Rottman provides a crucial insight into an underestimated section of the armed forces, whose work would not only save lives but noticeably affected the outcome of the war.

Gordon L. Rottman entered the US Army in 1967, volunteered for Special Forces and completed training as a weapons specialist. He served in the 5th Special Forces Group in Vietnam in 1969–70 and subsequently in airborne infantry, long-range patrol and intelligence assignments until retiring after 26 years. He was a Special Operations Forces scenario writer at the Joint Readiness Training Center for 12 years and is now a freelance writer, living in Texas.

Peter Dennis was inspired by contemporary magazines such as Look and Learn, leading him to study Illustration at Liverpool Art College. Peter has since contributed to hundreds of books, predominantly on historical subjects, including many Osprey titles. A keen wargamer and modelmaker, he is based in Nottinghamshire, UK.
Product Details ISBN: 9781846031373
ISBN-10: 1846031370
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Publication Date: September 18th, 2007
Pages: 64
Language: English
Series: Elite

“Gordon L. Rottman's World War II Combat Reconaissance Tactics is essential for any collection strong in World War II battles and strategy, narrowing the focus to reconaissance units and analyzing their procedures. Vintage wartime photos accent the experiences.” —The California Bookwatch (January 2008)

“...this is superbly written by the author G. Rottman and along with excellent period images and the artwork and maps of illustrator P. Dennis, makes this a book that is not only easy to follow, but one that adds much to ones knowledge of the subject. Another excellent Osprey book that I know you will enjoy reading.” —Scott Van Aken, (September 2007)