Indictment & Application for a Public Enquiry Into State-Sponsored Criminality in Ireland: And the case for the establishment of the People's Tribunal (Paperback)

Indictment & Application for a Public Enquiry Into State-Sponsored Criminality in Ireland: And the case for the establishment of the People's Tribunal Cover Image
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"There are mechanisms in place" (they tell us) by which we are supposed to be able to guarantee the Rule of Law in this State - which is how and why we remain members of the United Nations, the Council of Europe and the EU. But these mechanisms depend on honest people doing their jobs. Police, lawyers, senior civil servants, judges, TD's, Ministers - and even the President too, all have the power and the responsibility to ensure the Rule of Law and the protection of our fundamental rights. Unfortunately, there are far too many 'shady incentives' to protect those in power - no matter how corrupt or dysfunctional they may be - and if there's one thing the modern Irish State has become expert at - it is the active facilitation and cover-ups of political, white-collar and regulatory crime. In fact, we could very well be the world leaders in those dark arts by now, and all the while, the pretence of Irish democracy and accountability is paraded on the world stage with cunningly-disarming, 'diddle-dee-dee' Irish charm.

This small booklet is a serious, damning indictment of the toxic culture that permeates the Irish political and legal world. It asks and demands that the Irish Government abides by the Rule of Law by first of all acknowledging the multiple documented proofs of serious, criminal wrongdoing by senior officials and office holders who continue to act with brass-necked impunity and contempt for the law, the Constitution and for our fundamental human rights.

The law requires that these people are either reformed, or replaced; gone / sacked / fined / imprisoned - or whatever will ensure that the frauds, the deceptions, the corruption, the thefts of land, of public resources and monies, the perjuries, the lies and forgeries, the frame-ups and targeting of otherwise decent people, the conspiracies and rampant rule breaking in the Courts... that all of this shameful, disreputable activity stops right now

The Government is obliged by law to act on this application for a Public Enquiry. Whether they will or will not, will probably all come down to what they think they can get away with while the public is distracted elsewhere. The very fact that they can dismiss outright any complaints or applications that actually NAME any alleged offender should be warning enough. Over 10 years of systemic stonewalling should seal the deal

If we are to live in an autocratic regime where the Rule of Law only applies only to those of us who are gullible enough or complicit enough to never raise a dissenting voice, then we really need to start thinking of our children's futures, and of all those who came before us and suffered and died for a better world.

Who are we to just give it all away to a shower of career miscreants and moral deviants?

This book contains our arguments for why the Irish State - and particularly the Irish Courts are operating unlawfully and immorally with the full knowledge and complicity of the establishment. It shows how the Rule of Law has effectively been replaced by a fog of misdirection and political deceit, and why we urgently need some honest Courts that do not operate as commercial franchises with the common agenda of protecting the status quo.

This little book also details the arguments and legal reasonings for the setting up of the Peoples Tribunal of Ireland and how it will serve the Irish public. Spend a tenner. Buy this book. Educate yourself and lobby your TD. Start thinking about our country in REAL terms. Do we really want a bunch of gombeens running the place for ever?

See also: "Criminality in the Irish Courts" ISBN: 978-1-906628-88-8.

"One by one - together - we CAN make a difference "

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ISBN: 9781906628932
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Publisher: CheckPoint Press
Publication Date: August 1st, 2020
Pages: 94
Language: English

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