Nigeria: Essays in Governance and Society (Hardcover)

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Nigeria: Essays in Governance and Society (Hardcover)


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Nigeria has experienced different forms of crises and instability since she became independent on October 1 1960. The country has also been under different forms of rule - from the Westminster system of parliamentary democracy in the First Republic (1960-1966), to prolonged periods of military rule (1966-1979, 1983-1999) to a presidential system of governance (1979-1983, 1999-present). During these periods, there have been several contentious issues that appear to permanently put the country on the precipice. In this collection of essays, Isawa Elaigwu, a professor emeritus of political science reflects on the country's painful political experiences, arguing that it is necessary for Nigerians to understand the past and actively participate in the present in order to create a brighter future for the country. The essays in the book therefore serve as the links between the country's yesterday and today as foundations for the future.

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Publication Date: June 30th, 2012
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