Metalshark Bro (Paperback)

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Metalshark Bro (Paperback)


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Metalshark Bro is a surreal comedy, high-octane revenge comic series teetering on the brink of reality and the void of the unknown written by Bob Frantz and Kevin Cufe, illustrations by Walter Ostlie, and edited and lettered by Chas! Pangburn.


WHAT THE FIN IS A METALSHARK BRO? Well, since you asked: Metalshark Bro is an anthropomorphic and bloodthirsty shark, created and forced into murderous service by Satan’s jerky nephew, Beelzbra. Upon the realization that he was double-crossed by Beelzebra, our hero, along with Ira--his magical floating eyeball companion--vows revenge against his treacherous maker. The road to vengeance is never easy as Metalshark Bro and Ira travel through space and time slaughtering anyone or anything that stands in his way. 

Bob Frantz is a writer who resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his amazing wife and two Pokemon obsessed children. When he isn't writing funny books or preparing a snack for his kids who haven't touched their dinner, Bob enjoys coffee, fancy neckwear, and swearing at the TV during Machester City matches or New York Mets games.  

Kevin Cuffe is a father, a sorcerer and a comic book author. When not podcasting with Bob Frantz or protecting the universe from malicious extra dimensional entities he is usually writing, playing D&D or watching AEW.

You can find him on Twitter @Kevin_Cuffe or Instagram @The_right_cuffe
Product Details ISBN: 9781949514445
ISBN-10: 1949514447
Publisher: Scout Comics
Publication Date: October 26th, 2021
Pages: 90
Language: English