Laying of Hands: Reiki & Beyond (Paperback)

Laying of Hands: Reiki & Beyond By Michael Garber Cover Image

Laying of Hands: Reiki & Beyond (Paperback)


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This volume of The Illumination Codex initiates the reader into the mystical practice and healing art of the laying of hands. Many ancient cultures have used this simple holistic healing modality, each using different terminology, styles, and approaches. However, it is a simple and profound healing method that is easy to do, and anyone can learn.

'Reiki, ' a Japanese word for divine life force energy, encourages the body's natural ability to heal, leaving the recipient feeling relaxed, invigorated, and balanced. Using the methods of Usui Reiki 1 & 2 as a framework, this text delivers all the foundational information needed to learn to channel and transmit energy from the divine Source and facilitate personal healing sessions and healing for others. Whether one calls the healing force the Source, Holy Spirit, reiki, light, universal life force, or prana, these concepts unite under the same principle of channeling divine energies to facilitate multidimensional healing.

Clear and simple instructions are given on how to develop and use one's intuitive psychic abilities to connect with divine consciousness and benevolent spiritual guides to conduct powerfully transformative healing sessions. Information is given about the human subtle body anatomy and how to work with subtle energy to activate instantaneous, multidimensional healing. Instruction is given on various types of meditation techniques to train the mind into the cohesive focus needed to conduct dynamic healing sessions. Finally, holistic wellness practices and principles are given to support the lightbody ascension process and the embodiment of divine presence.

This book is for all people of all religions and philosophies. This transmission will help the reader embark on a new path toward spiritual enlightenment or enhance and illuminate the spiritual or religious practices one already observes. The Light is for all

  • How can I have a direct experience with divine energy and consciousness?
  • How can I become more intuitive and develop healing and psychic gifts?
  • How can I bring the divine into my daily life?
  • How can I grow in my relationship with myself and the Divine?
  • How can I heal my body and mind and evolve into my highest expression?
  • How can I grow in my sense of purpose and higher calling?
  • How can I help others heal and accelerate awakening in my community?
Product Details ISBN: 9781959561156
ISBN-10: 1959561154
Publisher: New Earth Ascending
Publication Date: October 25th, 2022
Pages: 178
Language: English